Any Marvel and DC fans out there?

Hey guys, I as stated in the title, I was just curious to know if any Marvel or DC ans are out there. I am a fan of both (Yeah, Marvel and DC, I know), but here we can maybe chat about superheroes and get to know each other.
Reminder: No hate speech and stuff. Thank you!

fan of both whattup my dood!

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Have you read ‘Spider-Man/Batman’ which is also about how The Joker and Carnage met?

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I’m just great, thank you for stopping by my dude! How are you?

You know, I haven’t been able to find a copy of it yet, but I wanted to read it. Is it any good?

Oh yes. It can be found on Youtube. It’s I guess the only way to read it without spending lots of money.

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Ah, thank you! I’ll make sure to check it out.

You’re welcome. Would you like to get comics recommended outside of Marvel and DC?

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Sure, that would be great!



Spiderman kravens last hunt - It’s very sad.


Infamous - Based on a game.

Slayer Repentless - This one is the story about the album Repentless by the band Slayer.
If you never heared of them, here are two songs by these masters of music.

Cannibal corpse Evisceration Plague - This is also a book based on a band. Their name is Cannibal corpse.

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Thanks man! I’ve heard of the Marvel and read a little of the DC one, but I didn’t know they made one off of Slayer. I have a friend who likes Slayer though, and he says they rock, so I’ll take his word for it.

You’re welcome, bro. Your friend is right. They really rock.

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I’m listening to them right now, they really do rock!

If I could recommend a comic, it be be the Spawn/Batman crossover, it’s actually pretty good and also pretty badass.

Cool, I’ll check it out thanks. If you need more bands recommended, just tell. I’ll be happy to share my knowledge.

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it!

Now that you mention it, are there any others to recommend?

No problem. Absolutely.

Avant-garde Metal
Nineties Metalcore
Thrash metal one
Thrash metal two

Various music genres
Symphonic metal
Various rappers
Speed metal
Ska/Ska punk

Scandinavian death metal
Bob Marley
Progressive Rock
Progressive metal

Power metal
Post hardcore
Pop punk

Various music genres
Oldschool death metal

Nu metal/Alternative metal
Various genres of music

Many musicians
Various Punk genres
Diverse music
Other Metalcore bands
A few bands

Melodic deathcore
Melodic death metal

Kawaii metal
Industrial rock/metal
Horror punk/Oi/New York hardcore/Psychobilly
Heavy metal

Groove metal/Sludge metal/Southern metal

From Celtic Jazz to Metal
Multiple music genres
Mostly Viking metal
Gothic music {Post punk, Death rock, Gothabilly, and a lot more}
Gothic metal

Even more genres
Glam rock/Glam metal
More music
Funk rock/Funk metal
Folk music
Folk metal

Electronic music {Igorrr as example}
Doom metal
Technical/Progressive/etc. Death metal
Country music
Crust punk

Weird Pop music
Classical music
Brutal death metal
Blackened punk
Blackened death metal
Black metal
Ambient black metal

Lots of genres
Gateway bands to get into metal

I’am an ultra fan of marvel, I used DC as just reading fodder, their story lines were a bit up in the air.
60s Marvel was my favourites, I used to collect them, I still have a about a hundred assorted, spidey, FF, Avengers Daredevil, and others from that time.
Have you ever thought Stan Lee bless him, used double negatives, like fantastic four, doctor doom, daredevil, paint pot Pete, Sue storm, etc.
I’am not a favourite of the new comics, not great story lines, not like the old days.


There’s a dvd I own where Stan Lee gets interviewed. It’s named ‘Stan lee’s mutants monsters & marvels’. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out.

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Ah man, mad respect. I love old Marvel myself! And yeah, Stan Lee was also one to make superheroes more “human” so to speak, and put a sense of reality to his heroes, so their stories could connect more with audiences than DC at the time, so yeah, I totally hear that.

I also collected old comic collections of stories ranging from Spider-Man to the Hulk, but sadly I had to sell them because we were moving and I had no place for them.

Other than that, welcome to the chat!

Woah, I’m already in love. I’ll totally check that out, thank you!