Any Muslims here?


Fellow Muslim just trying to mingle in here. :crazy_face::woozy_face:


Practicing no. but my family is I personally dont conform to religion but still have a respect for it just here for the comments


I am ^-^ I’m actually surprised there aren’t a lot of responses here


:sleepy: Atleast I ain’t alone.


There’s actually tons on this site


Present. I come from a conservative Muslim family, but I’m only semi-conservative.


I’m Muslim but I drink on a very regular basis so take from that what u will


Right Here! :raised_back_of_hand:t4:


Yep! I’ll probably be a Wattpadian till I die so I’ll be here for anything and everything :joy:


What made you start the thread btw


Just wanted to get to know some of the Muslims in the Wattpad community.


Same. Where you just born with an Muslim family and introduced at a young age or did you guys convert later on?


Alright then :sweat_smile:


As-Salaam Alaikum.


Me XD!


I was born Muslim. According to my grandmother, we’ve been Muslim for generations. However, I’ve noticed that my generation in the family (the ones born and raised in America) have turned out less religious. For now, most of us in my generation are semi-conservative, but I suspect that we might have someone convert out of Islam in the next generation. Have you noticed something similar?


Wa alaikum assalaam :wink:


My lil Bro’s a devout Muslim and he’s grown up in Britain. I’m following the trend tho. But I’m definitely not converting out.


I don’t think any of my ancestors were Muslims. Not really a lot in my family. :no_mouth: I was born a Muslim as well. My mom and dad both converted when they were young adults.


Neither am I. However, I feel like living in a western country takes toll on my beliefs. I know I believe in Islam, but it’s difficult to practice it when everyone around you lives by a different code.