Any Muslims here?


Cool. How would you describe your beliefs as a Muslim?


Truthful. I always listen to what my Minister has to say and he only speak on knowledge and what is right. The truth. I rather not let my own emotions interfere with it or the rules. The truth can hurt and shock you but it’s just what it is.


That is admirable. It takes a lot of discipline to lead that lifestyle. I try to follow the rules as best as I can, but even I don’t feel reluctance to commit many of the minor sins.


Yeah definitely, but sometimes when times get tough having prayer/dua makes things assuring.

I had a pretty strict religious upbringing so even tho I don’t follow it much now I still know alot of stuff.


Yeah. It always helps to know that someone up there is looking after you. I don’t make dua often, but I try to pray at least one prayer everyday.


Hello :smile:
Or should I say, Assalamu Alaikum!


Walaikum Assalam. I’m assuming you’re Muslim as well if you’ve joined this thread.


Yes of course I am.


Well it’s nice to meet you.


It’s nice to meet you too! :smiley:


I actually just saw you on another thread.


I am peeking in. I totally should be getting up to work… but it has been so long since I was here…

Also, muslim :wave:t3:


Yup here! Eventho im not much a religious person.


Salaam, fellow Muslim here :smile: though we’re not that religious


Wow there’s a nice lol community building up


Thas cool ^^


My mother’s side of the family has been Muslim a very long time. Not so much my father’s side. (I think my paternal grandfather was the first one to be Muslim and that’s why my dad is.)

But I’ve seen a lot of what you’re saying, being in USA and family in UK. After about a generation or two “Muslim” is just a title for who your grandparents were/traditions of where you came from


It’s sad, but inevitable. I have yet to meet a Muslim who’s family has been in America for longer than 1 or 2 generations that still practices.


DON’T WORRY MY FAMILY IS GONNA DO IT :muscle: We’re educated both secularly (<-- lol thats not even a word ok then) and religiously. Although we range somehwat in how much we practice, we all believe strongly in the shahada


God, i hope so.