Any Muslims here?


Yeah I’ve seen some good Muslim kids in my sister’s classrooms. It gives you hope




Hello ^^!


I’ve only ever met two Muslim teens who are truly practicing. They don’t listen to music, look at guys, read fiction, or anything.


Yay, another Muslim. We’re growing.


im a practicing muslim tho I cant say that im very good at it. but trying. you guy’s conversation about how muslims in America are kinda peaked my interest


hahaha, im been on wattpad since ages and I mean ages. wattpad actually has a lot of muslims here


Right. I love that Wattpad has such a wide userbase.


Music is a hard one on almost every Muslim youngin. I struggle but I’ve come A LONG way since my 12 to 16-year-old self.

But reading fiction isn’t bad?


Girl same. I’ve been here 6 years


no worries ^-^ I love seeing people try it makes me feel like I’m not alone!


It’s not about fiction, but more about how YA fiction these days is all about Haram relationships and romance. Also, how are you doing with the music thing? I know I’ve failed miserable at keeping away from it.


well islam is all about trying to improve and getting better and finding yourself along the way


How long exactly?


I think since 2012.


OOh right. I tend to read books that are high fantasy (not the YA of today, that’s all muck to me) or historical fiction, so they never really influenced me based on society etc.

And for music, I think the one thing that made me stop listening everyday was i lost my beautiful black headphones. So I had to resort to not listening at all/listening when no one was around lmao. But something that’s helped me when I can’t go cold turkey is acapella. It’s basically songs with the instrumental part cut out.


Ooh that’s long. I’ve only been here for three years.




will yall excuse me i have to go eat donuts


ok. and imma go sleep. I need to sleep. bye nice meeting you all