Any Muslims here?


Oh wow, you’re really good at this. I’m a hopeless romantic and Kpop addict, so it’s not going so well for me. Sometimes I don’t even feel like changing or improving.


Bye y’all


I can tell by your pfp that you’re a kpop fan :joy: but hey don’t worry. even if you don’t think it’s not worth it, one less song a day, one less a week, is improvement. Walk to God and He will come to you running


Where do you live it’s 6:44pm where I’m at. And goodnight!!


5:44 PM here. Are you in America too?


You make it sound easy…


Yes im in USA. You must live up north to be an hour ahead of me?


No. I’m in Texas


BTW what do you read here on Wattpad? Most of the books here are Romance so it might be difficult to escape it.


Nelson Mandela said “it seems impossible until it’s done” ^^ I’m almost music free, but I don’t say this like to be condescending I’m saying it cuz I know and I be in your struggle everyday, too :hugs: plus i think you’re younger than me, so cut yourself some slack! I was probably just as obsessed with music at your age


how are you behind me in time then my brain cant…I’m in New York


Well when i first was on here, I basically read all those haraam relationship books, too…but then I realized there are good books on here with Muslim MCs who are pretty relatable. I also like reading historical fiction, since the MCs are usually married or even if they’re not, they don’t do anything very sexual


I know you’re not being condescending. I do think I can do it. Like I’ve said previously, I was raised in a very religious family. Music wasn’t even in my vocabulary until I went to middle school and met other Muslims who introduced me to it. If I went 10 years of my life without music, I think I’m capable of making the switch again.


Yeah, I try not to think too hard about timezones. I usually end up in a confused puddle when I do.


Same! Historical Fiction is my life. I’ve tried to get into Muslim books, but it’s hard to find any that are good.


omg you’re just like me! the only music I knew came from tv shows, and then came middle school.

And I like your vibe :sunglasses: I’m actually really impressed! Rooting for you!!! :star_struck::heart_eyes:


I can recommend “Palestwinians” “It’s Not Romantic” or “Boys? Ew.” (maybe my spiritual fic?) Yeah it’s not a lot but those three I really liked.


What books have you read and liked here?


I lived a pretty sheltered life before middle school. Imagine my surprise as I walked into the classroom to meet Muslims (It was an Islamic School) who cursed and were unlike any Muslim I had ever seen. It was like meeting aliens.


omg really? or do you mean it was a school for Muslim kids? My sis teaches at one of them here. They have a separate building for Islamic stuff.


Will check them out. My favorite HF works are Rob Thier’s Storm and Silence series and Robber Night’s series. I also recommend checking out greenwriter’s Haverston Family series.