Any Muslims here?


It was an Islamic Private school; The students and most the teachers were Muslim. I didn’t really have a good experience there. I was really innocent back then and was constantly teased for knowing nothing about pop culture. It was for that reason I started to get into music in the first place.


Ooh okay what setting are these?


But if it doesn’t teach Islam for hifz/alim it’s not Islamic school. You probably went to a private Muslim school. There’s a bunch here in NY. they tend to not be that great when the student population isn’t diverse.


By the way, thanks for taking a look at my stories!!


Robber Night’s is Medieval, Storm and Silence is Victorian, and the Haverston Family Series is a bit difficult to explain. Technically it’s the 21st century, but it takes place underground, where there are thousands of people who are unaware of the modern world. The world underground is centuries behind the modern world as far as technology goes and is modeled after The Victorian/Regency period.


No problem. I love that you write Historical Fiction for many different time periods and places. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a HF set in Egypt before on WP. I imagine that you have to do quite a bit of research to portray the time period accurately.


I didn’t realize there was a difference. Yeah…I was in private school up till high school. Most kids were either Arab or Desi.


I went to a private school for posh white boys…maybe this is why I turned out this way.


Oh wow! All these comments and conversations! I love it. :sleepy: I’m not crying…AHEM! Anyway, what denomination are ya’ll practicing or apart of?


Did you like it? The ones I’ve been to are in no way posh or good. They had little funding and the communities were vert tight knit and exclusive. Difficult for someone who moves around a lot like me.


Sunni. You?


Yes! it was waiting blast


Lucky. I’m glad I’m out of private school now. I’ve only liked a few of the schools I’ve been to.


I’ve only been too three and liked them all.


Have you ever been to public school?


Yep, but only from ages 5-11, enjoyed my time there as well. 11-18 was all private.


I started going to public school for high school and to be honest, I liked it considerably more than private school. Most of the religious leaders and elders in my community however, think that Public School is like some sort of satanic place where aniti-Muslim propaganda is shoved down our faces.


Nothing wrong with public schools either! To each their own.


If only my parents agreed…


Hello friends! :smiley: