Any Muslims here?


Hello! Welcome to the thread.


Nation of Islam.


I’ve never heard of that one before. What’s it about?


OOh this one sounds really interesting. I think I’ll take a look!


Good choice. What’s your favorite time period?


To write even one chapter of that Pharaoh story, I always had a tab open for research of mythology, names, places, living conditions, minerals/jewels, etc. :joy: same for the one you added to your list. That one is sort of harder tbh

But I like researching it, it’s kinda fun :sweat_smile:


Sunni. Specifically Hanafi school of thought


That’s really cool. I wanted to add Dragon Paladin too, but I was a little scared of that love triangle tag. How serious is the love triangle exactly?


I think anything ancient or not written often about. Like I love East Asian historical stories in particular because their power dynamics are wayyy different then European ones.


Right? I’ve been wanting to read a HF for an East Asian country. I’ve watched a few historical dramas and the culture really intrigues me.


There’s no real love triangle actually :joy: I just added it because it tends to attract readers lmao. The only love triangle is when you learn about the MCs parents past life.


HAVE YOU WATCHED Dong Yi??? That is my #1 K-drama I’ve watched ti at least twice


Really? I thought that most people hated love triangles. I guess I’ll add that story too.


On wattpad they do :joy:


No. But it’s been on my Plan To Watch list since forever. The one I’m obsessing over right now is The Princess’ Man.


I’m not Muslim, and I don’t know you, but I like you already :slight_smile:


You should totally watch it <3

And what’s that one about?? If it’s historical k-drama I’m already hype


Yup. It’s about a pair or star-crossed lovers except much darker than Romeo and Juliet. Their families hate each other and the girl’s dad ends up being the reason for the guy’s dad’s death <<that was spoiler but it’s something that happens pretty early on. Since they both love their parents, their love becomes difficult to keep.


Does Dong-Yi have a happy ending? I can only watch dramas that end on a positive note. Real life is already depressing enough.


I think I’m gonna watch ^0^