Any Muslims here?


Yes, it actually does! But there’s a lot of emotional rollercoasters in-between.

And you probably shouldn’t read Song of the Black Dragon if you hate unhappy endings…no spoilers but, the title is based off the Korean legend of a white and black dragon fighting. The white one wins, so…


well it was about 4 am at that time :sweat_smile::joy:


For some reason, I find sad endings in books more tolerable, so don’t mind if I keep reading. Thanks for the warning though. Maybe it’s because books take less time to consume than dramas, so the sad ending has a much shorter lasting impact.


Hi! Thank you, how are you all? :blush:


Ooh so what country are you living in?


Ooh okay I see what you mean. I’ve been rethinking the ending anyway, to make it less tragic than I initially planned it i honestly don’t know why I like writing tragic endings, I’m a big baby (i bawled my eyes out for an anime called Clannad for example) when I see tragic endings in books and shows so it’s hypocritical a bit I guess


The Nation of Islam and also known as NOI is “an African American political and religious movement.” We accept everyone. White, Asian…whatever. You can even search us up and there is a website you can see about us.


Anyone have a parent or parents who’s a convert? I do.


Assalaamu alikum!!


What?! Clannad has a sad ending! Darn, I really wanted to watch it.


Definitely going to look into it. I don’t really know much about denominations other than Sunni and Shiite.


I dont want to spoil it anymore for you but…if you want to watch it, I say you really should!!! A couple episodes I felt were filler, but overall I liked!!


Waalalikum salaam ^^


I welcome spoilers about endings, but I can’t fathom anything else. Does it really have a sad ending?


I have a few friends that are converts and all of them are very very religious people. I’ve always been curious about converts. As someone who’s never known anything but Islam, there are so many aspects about the lifestyle of Islam that seem so hard to explain to people who aren’t Muslim. I’ve tried a couple times and I just get these weird looks from people. It really makes me admire converts because when they accept Islam, they choose to live a life drastically different than they had before.


no it actually doesn’t have a bad ending!!


I’ve seen a couple converts twist things up though…:disappointed_relieved:


Yeah some do. My convert friends have family members who converted for them and are only Muslim in name. However, for the most part, the converts I’ve known are the most religious people I’ve ever met.


Yay! I’ve been getting bored of anime recently and I need a really good one to pull me out of my slump.


Do it!! Clannad was great!!!