Any one doing #WattPride?



I realised I wrote one about two boys who liked eachother but the poem is too mature/dark to even think of entering xD


Hey! Even if you make it a seperate book and add the correct tag - at least you will help Wattpad donate for the cause. And in your way you’ve done something :slight_smile:


I saw the information, and I was interested in helping the related cause, but as with many things on Wattpad, it focuses on new works. I’m not always in a place to produce new short works for contests. :frowning:


but it’s really mature. like, they both commit suicide


That’s basically me in a nut shell lol plus I just can’t seem to keep anything short to begin with. So most of the time, good cause or not, I have to pass on these contests.

But I’m with people in spirit!


I did. Entered a short story about two people coming out and confessing their feelings :slight_smile:
Anything for our LGBTQ+ community. Each dollar counts =]