Any Percy Jackson fans?

Any Rick Riordan fans out there? Whether you read or write fanfic for it or not, I’d just like to meet some more people who like Percy Jackson (or any of the other series… Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, or The Kane Chronicles!)

If there are any Rick fans, let’s talk about it! Who’s your godly parent? What’s your favorite book? Which ship do you love the most? :blush:

(Personally, I’m a huge PJO fan, have been since 2008 [I was 6!]. My favorite characters are Luke, Reyna, and Piper. I ship Percabeth, Valdangelo, Jasipeyna [or whatever it would be called], Theyna, Sadie and Walt, and… Apollo and Rachel. Don’t judge me. And I consider myself a daughter of Janus [although I wish I was a daughter of Apollo!])


I’m a fan. I’m planning to add PJ to my multifandom story - not yet. This is a future book (but I have a few chapters already drafted).

I suppose Percy was always a favorite of mine. I remember feeling frustrated with chapters that didn’t have any Percy in them :joy: But I also like Nico. I’m thinking to dive into his head for a while.

I think the book where they went to Tartarus was my favorite. I wish it had been longer.

And I love it that Riordan did his own crossovers.

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I’m a Percy Jackson fan as well lol. I’ve only written like a single one-shot of fanfiction, but I’ve read a lot of really good ones!
I think my godly parent would probs be Athena… but I’d also love to be a daughter of Poseidon because Percy’s powers are so cool!
My favorite book… either Mark of Athena or The Last Olympian. And I ship pretty much everything that’s canon (Percabeth, SOLANGELO :smile: , etc.)

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I was a huge fan when I was younger! I’ve got a fanfiction on here :smiley: Its my most popular story and I have no idea why… I stopped updating it a while back, but I still get people adding the messy thing to their libraries haha


I read the books years ago but I totally love PJ – not that I remember that much. PJ is my fave series in Riordan’s universe. No favorite book. My favorite character however is probably Nico D’Angelo. He surprised me so much when I read the series.

I just took the test and my godly parent is… Artemis.

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I started reading PJO in 2013 and last year I reread PJO and HOO! I was late to reading Trials of Apollo, but I’m caught up and I love the series. I still have to read Kane Chronicles though :shushing_face:

Leo is my favourite forever and always, he’s underrated and way under appreciated in the books!!

I’ve done a few tests but I don’t really know who my godly parent is : )

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Oh, The Kane Chronicles are so good! I hope you get around to them!

Leo’s great and I love Calypso.


I read the latest TOA book and oh myyyyyyyyy. It’s crazy guys. So much new info I can’t even. I was so ready to kill uncle Rick but he redeemed himself in the end. If anyone didn’t figure it out yet, I love love love PJO. I’m writing my own fanfic actually, and I JUST HIT 1K VIEWS. I’m so happy :grin::smile:
My godly parent is Poseidon, but if it wasn’t Poseidon it would be Nike, cuz I’m reeeeeeeeeeally competitive. My ultimate ship is PERCABETH PERCABETH PERCABETH. Nothing can beat Percabeth in any fandom. And I’m in quite a few. That’s about it!

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I am an avid Rick Riordan fan. First introduced by my sister at age nine, and have read almost all his mythology books. I have also read some Rick Riordan Presents books, which are different series with the same premise: gods are real. My favorite of those are the Aru Shah series and the Storm Runner books. I’m a son of Athena, and although I love the series, I don’t read as much and haven’t read much of the Trials of Apollo.

It’s in my library, I’m planning on reading it soon. :sweat_smile:

ToA kills me with every book! The Burning Maze was so sad especially :frowning: I read The Tyrant’s Tomb too, it almost broke my heart but it ended okay xD

so anyone on here, what book did Nico Di Angelo go to Tartarus?

He went there in The son of Neptune, and is rescued in The mark of athena

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Hi there :slight_smile: I am a PJ fan, haven’t written any fic yet but have some projects in mind :smirk:
(crossover with HP !)

i have read the first 5 books, and my favorite were the 2 lasts = Battle of the Labyrynth and the Last olympian
I mostly ship PercaBeth because they are the best !
But also LukexBeth . Or Luke and myself … uh i mean … OC :rofl:
I do love Nico too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My godly Parent would be Poseidon cuz i do love everything Sea related, and horses :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey, I ship Luke and myself too xD I feel ya on that!

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thank you :slight_smile: