Any Pro Writing Aid users?

Hey, guys!

So, with Black Friday comes a lot of discounts left and right, and I stumbled on the Pro Writing Aid one, which can be pretty interesting, especially the lifetime deal.

I was wondering if any of you used it, and if you could give me your impressions. I already have Grammarly, but I use it mostly as a spell check.

I also heard that there is Hemingway that could be a good option. What are your thoughts?

Best solution in your opinion:

  • Grammarly
  • Pro Writing Aid
  • Hemingway
  • Other (please specify)

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As I have only used Grammarly, I would be also interested to see what everyone has to say about the other options, pros and cons, prices, compatibility with Pages/google docs, etc.
waits curiously




@floranocturna @LigerCat good to see I’m not the only one curious x)


I had prowritingaid for a year (it expired) :slight_smile:

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Was it efficient? Would you recommend it? What did it offert that you liked the most?

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While Grammarly™ mainly focuses on grammar and simple punctuation and spelling errors, Pro Writing Aid™ offers advice for content, structure and the overall writing composition.


It was a bit of a pain if you want to integrate it into your Google docs (I decided against it after I overloaded the system with my word count) :joy:. It’s grammar is about as good as Grammarly, I think, but from what I’ve seen it offers a lot more choices in content. Like, repetitive words, sentence length, cliches, etc.


A slave that can read. Or just kidnap someone and make them read your book.

Or just use Grammarly, although I swear I’ve seen other free softwares online that use AI to examine your work. I just need to find it.

coughs I did tend to use it more for my essay papers, lol. Though, I also don’t really edit as I write.

Prowritingaid is definitely my favorite.

Thank you so much for telling me about this sale, by the way.

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For now I’m voting PWA because I haven’t really dabbled in the other two much but I loved having PWA. If I was in a better financial standing I would be buying the lifetime license right now. But I had to let my license lapse because I have other things i need to spend my money on and sadly the free version only allows 500 words at a time.

What I loved about it was that I could get the add on for word. Now it won’t check my novel all at once, it crashes it once it get’s to a certain length, but I go chapter by chapter. It pointed out my adverbs and how many times i used them, thus I could decide if I have to cut some down. It helped with passive voice (before i had a version of Word that alos helped) so I could see when I was passive and decide if it was a sentence needing to be re-written. There’s a whole host of other things but those are the two that I remember being the most valuable to me.

It is definitely no replacement for a human editor, I found it to be a huge help for me in the two books I used it with. It helped me get stronger in my rough drafts so I could catch some mistakes as I was making them.

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I got the free version today and I’ll see how it fares compared to Grammarly, although I think both have their pros and cons. The lifetime offer is definitely tempting, but unfortunately, I can’t afford it right now. I assume this won’t be the last time they come up with an offer like that, right?
Their reports seem nicely structured and I guess they offer more in-depth analysis than Grammarly.

The lifetime option is always there. The price will just differ depending on their sale deals just like the other plans they have.

Word of advice, when your trial expires if you’re sure you’re going to buy at least a year license, wait a bit. They might send you offers to entice you to buy. When I got my first year license I didn’t have the money to buy it right after my trial expired, but I knew I wanted it once I did have the money. A couple days later they sent me an email offering me a deal. I still didn’t have the money so didn’t jump on it. But then a little more time passed and they sweetened the deal. So I got a year of the license for $25.

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I mainly use a combination of Word and Google Docs. I know they aren’t exactly a writing aid, but they can at least help with minimum mistakes.

I guess I’ve not worded this correctly. I meant the 50 % discount on the lifetime option which they are offering right now (120€ instead of 240€).
And I don’t think I have a trial version. I got the free version which isn’t supposed to expire. I’ll just try it and see how I like it in comparison with Grammarly.

Edit: I got the Chrome extension, but I’ll get the free trial version too.

Ah yeah, i suspect the 50% off is only for this weekend because of Black Friday in the US. But can’t guarantee that.

I can’t remember what the free versions are anymore LOL But I think mine was a trial because I did the Word add on. I got a week to test it out before I had to buy if I wanted to keep using the add on.

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Yeah, it’s the black Friday offer, which supposedly lasts until Monday. And I was also a bit confused first because they offer a Chrome extension, but then if I want to use it with Google Docs, I need to install the add-on, which has the two-week trial period. So I really don’t know how many Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly versions, extensions, add-ons I have installed, probably too many. Hopefully, my stories will now write themselves. :joy:

My understanding is there are things that Grammarly does that PWA doesn’t and visa versa. So if you can afford both there’s probably no harm in having them LOL But you’ll figure that out as you play with the trial.

Next time I’m ready to buy something like that I’ll be looking more into Grammarly. I mean I love PWA and the fact the lifetime license is available, where as I don’t think Grammarly has a lifetime, is a huge selling point no matter what, but it’s still good to see which one will truly work best.

If either of them get a damn word swap finder I’ll be sold a million times over :rofl: Somebody has to invent something that can help with dyslexic word swaps, please and thank you.

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That’s what I have garnered too, so both sort of complement each other and can be useful in their own way.
Grammarly is definitely more expensive in the long run, because you can only subscribe to it (monthly/yearly), so the lifetime option definitely makes PWA a winner. Especially seeing their quite detailed reports, which make it a lot more reasonably priced than the story insight Wattpad is now offering. And you can try it for free before buying it, which is another bonus point.

Oh, a word swap finder would definitely be a brilliant feature. Who knows, they might yet find a way to implement something like that. :joy: