Any spanish or italian poets?


Hi! I’m Angelica and my first lenguage is italian.
At the moment I’m writing a poetic collection in english and in future I wanna write something in spanish.

Well, the question is clear: Are there any spanish or italian poets?


I’ve been experimenting on and off with writing poetry in Spanish. It’s not my native language and I’m no where near fluent yet (though I have been improving). Whenever I’ve tried writing in Spanish, my poems usually turn into Spanglish pretty quickly. But hopefully one day my Spanish skills will get to where I can be super poetic en Español!

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me too! I wrote a poem in spanish and it turn out in a piece of work and I love it (I’m between an A2 and a B1)


Do you have it posted to Wattpad? I’d like to read it!

I’m around there too with my reading and writing but my listening and definitely speaking skills are pretty bad because I don’t use my Spanish with people very often


not yet; for now I’m posting just my english poems :sweat_smile:


Same here :grinning:

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I am italian, but i’m confused too…
Should I answer in italian or in english?
I’ll use english cause the previous posts are in this language. Anyway, I joined Wattpad some weeks ago and (slowly) I began to publish some poems (in Italian) here ^^

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sarò felice di passare a leggere qualcosa