Any STEM Majors Here?


Hi, I’m pretty new to the community. I first downloaded Wattpad in 2012 and was a silent reader for about five years, but left for awhile, and now I have finally decided to try my hand at writing. I have now discovered this huge community and wanted to see who’s out there! Any fellow STEM majors out there?


Yup! Electronic engineering here.


Probably atypical: PhD in Nuclear Engineering (plasma physics). A very long time ago, before I became a writer and actually published.


Half major probably :joy: I’m working on my master’s in physics


Me :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀
MS in a computer field. Currently studying for a PhD.


MA Fluvial Geomorphology (landforms created by flowing water). Also dabble in glacial matters.


So cool to hear about the variety! I’m biochemistry and hoping to get my PhD in organic chemistry!


Wow, mad props, sounds like a lot of physics! That’s my hardest class!


Woah, that’s impressive!!!


Lots of physics majors here! What part of physics are you studying?


That sounds really interesting, I had never heard of that before!


It’s great to see all these women in STEM going for advanced degrees, and doing something amazingly creative at the same time!


I was a STEM major! Graduated in Human Physiology!


I got a couple degrees in literature, linguistics, and anthropology, and did some writing fellowships. But I didn’t want to teach creative writing and I got burnt out trying to earn a living with trad publishing.

I love running rivers, so I went back for a grad degree in Geography/Water Resources: good excuse to hang out on the water. I’ve run data collection programs on several rivers, designed rafts and other gear, and worked as chief boat-chick, rowing in some beautiful places.

I still write, for fun. Definitely rather earn my living outdoors.


Really, you found so many? :smile: I’m studying astrophysics


Thats so fun! Thats what one of the girls in my book is studying! Could I maybe ask you some questions about your major? I try to keep my science info accurate. It would just be about what type of classes you have to take and stuff like that


That picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mountains! We have a lot of big bodies of water where I’m from, but no mountains!!


Woohoo fellow STEM people!

I recently graduated undergrad; I had a Bio major and a Chem minor


Yes sure, ask whatever you need :smiley: My course is actually physics - because we don’t have different graduations here :disappointed_relieved: - and then I had to choose which exams to prepare


That’s the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA. I did field sessions there for four years, collecting ground-level data for correlation with satellite imagery, to enable mapping and such. Being the only woman on the crew, I also did most of the cooking. (sigh)