Any STEM Majors Here?

I can do maths but it’s an effort and I don’t retain it. A friend who was a USGS hydrologist and then a prof at UC Berkeley could actually think in mathematical terms. When we were talking about some watery thing, like flow patterns around a meander bend, he’d stop and jot down an equation.

I’d say “You mean like this?” and wave my hands around.

He’d say “Exactly!” and we’d both laugh.

Hello! Another engineering student dropping in! :smiley: I’m a third year Aero-Mechanical Engineering student at the mo’, and I really should be studying for exams instead of lurking on wattpad forums :sweat_smile:


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Comp sci reporting in

My degree is in Interacyive multimedia, but my job is basically reverse engineering shitty code that no one documented.

What language xD


Oh… I’m so sorry

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I’m not certain how my life ended up with me being a cobol specialist, but here we are.

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Things just randomly happen… or at least that’s how I feel it goes…
I work with python most days, which I’m thankful for

Little biomedical engineering major here! Just started my undergrad. Hope to get my MBA while doing my BS too!

Maths student here :raising_hand_woman:

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Why hello there. Im a chemistry major, going for a bachelors in chem and a masters in cosmetic chem

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I’m about to start my junior year working on a bachelor’s in medical laboratory science/technology. I haven’t really decided if I want to go for a master’s degree yet

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