Any superhero writers out there lets talk superheroes



(My first post on the wattpad community)

Any superhero writers out there? What are your struggles in writing superhero stories? Where do you get your ideas from DC, Marvel? What’s your favorite superhero if any?

I’ll start:
For me, my struggle is once I’m done with a chapter I never seem to know how to start a new one. I don’t know if I get any ideas from DC or Marvel but I might do it subsonically. Hm my favorite superhero would be the classic: Spiderman.


Hi Jenny :grinning:

Well, I don’t write superheroes, but I do love superpowers. Does that count?

When I was 13, I started a story about people on earth gaining superpowers from nuclear disasters while others got cancer diseases. The superpower humans are called Nuclear Mutants. I am so fascinated with superpowers for so long. I think I’m gonna try and write this old story soon.

I love both Marvel and DC characters. I love X-men movies too. I think I’m gonna start watching The Gifted soon.


Yes it counts and your story sound really interesting I would be so down to read it if you were to write it. It sounds very post-apocalypse. I’ve watched the gifted its a pretty good show I would totally recommend it.


I do have a superhero story that I’m not yet posting. I love both Marvel and DC. Batman is my favorite hero but Iron Man is a close second. The relationship between my MC and the love interest was actually inspired by the friendship between Batman and Superman. I love their dynamic so much.

My main struggle is superhero names. I generally suck at naming stuff so superhero names are the bain of my existence.


I would agree cause now that I am thinking about it I don’t think my superhero has a superhero name I had writers block for a year so I don’t quite remember if there was a purpose of the character not having a superhero name.


Thanks! It’s currently just a prologue on my profile :blush:
Oh, nice! I guess I have to make some time to watch it now.


I wrote a superhero book but I don’t know if that really makes me a superhero writer LOL But I do go to a lot of superhero movies.

My struggle with my superhero book was great world, crap MC. I picked the wrong character to be lead as a support MC turned out to be a lot more interesting. I’m hoping to someday re-write it with the support MC becoming the main MC.


The supporting character just wanted to be in the limelight lol


Hey everyone! My current story is kind of a superhero story I guess…? In that the main character has superpowers that were given to her by exposure to radiation. But it’s different from a lot of other superhero stories, because she’s the only one in the world that she knows of with powers, and it makes her feel really isolated from the rest of the world. Especially since her powers give her the ability to change faces, and now she can’t even remember what her original face looked like.

@Ellen_Reese Your story idea sounds kinda similar to mine! You should totally write it, I would read it for sure~


Yup. That’s exactly it. :laughing: What a brat.


LOL I know right the supporting character was like ‘I am the main character now’ imagine that with sound effect.


You saved yourself a headache. I wanted secret identities to be a big thing (for a reason I can’t really remember now) so they needed hero names.


Thanks! I haven’t mentioned the best part yet!

There is a rare type of mutants that have the power of healing. There is only one known mutant so far. His name is Alex. His blood cells regenerates faster than any living creature on earth. He’s hunted by both humans and mutants because his powers can be obtained via blood transfer, but only temporarly.


ooo How did you get your idea for this story? I know I got my idea for my superhero story when I was watching the movie superbudies lol


Wow. Your story sound cool. Her powers are unique imo.


I’m picturing a “pew pew pew” sound because that’s totally something he would do.

I didn’t even bother to give my superheros hero names for this very reason. I thankfully got away with it since my world has super ower giving drugs so basically anyone can be a superhero for a few hours until it wears off, thus it’s not as alluring as in comics ROFL


ohh yea mine has a secret identity but doesn’t have a hero name lol but maybe i’ll just leave it like that lol


Thats cools its sort of like in the old show Heroes.


Apparently there’s also a comic book series that does it too but I can’t remember the name of it now. I was talking about the concept with a friend and she was all “oh like such and such” and busted out pictures of a series she had that had superpower giving drugs LOL


I suddenly feel like I’m the only one dumb enough to actually go for the superhero names.

Does anyone else have some sort of agency/league/group of heroes?