Any superhero writers out there lets talk superheroes



I have Pharmaceutical Companies that basically took over the world because of all the money they make off the superpower drugs. And then I have the Super underground who is trying to take down the PC’s because of how they make the drugs.

That’s about the closest I have.


I don’t but I feel that it would be hard to write unless they are not the main characters and just side characters.


The Super underground sounds like it fits.

@jenny_the_writer I’m doing sort of an origin story for an agency (league? I still haven’t locked down wording for what it’s gonna be) and I think it’s pretty fun. I’m focusing on one character, who’s going to be one of the founding members but isn’t even going to be on earth when it gets off the ground. I’m already planning a sequel for when she returns to earth and it’s taken off with new people in charge (with old ones still there but it’s just very different).


ohh yea if its one character than yea that would be very interesting. I’ve read a book that had multiple main character and each chapter was like a different character it was hard to read cause I had favorites and then I would skip to my favorites characters chapter.


Ah, yeah, I’m not a fan of a bunch of different perspectives. When writing, I limit it to two. When reading, I’ll get irritated if it keeps jumping to a bunch of different people and I stop caring about the story altogether,


Yes I agree


:joy: Never seen superbuddies

I’m super into 1950s history and the cold war, and I was like, what if I combined a superhero story with some cold war dystopian story thing?? I felt like it could really work well together, especially since superheroes were at their most popular in the 1950s (comic books, radio, etc). And the idea of radioactive superpowers went well with the cold war period, and I thought all that cold war paranoia could make for an interesting setting. So my weird story was born!


Lol yess that is so true


Thanks! It’s kind of hard to describe her exact powers, but she has complete control over her own body. That means she can move around her skin and tissue and stuff and change her appearance, and it also makes her brain connections faster so it’s easier for her to memorize things and learn languages


That sounds really cool! Hope you get around to writing it soon :slight_smile:


I love superhero stories, so much fun to write!

Coming up with original ideas that seem realistic. You want to try and have some sort of grounds in reality, but so many things have been done already!

More Marvel, only because I’ve read their comic books and watch the shows/movies, but I do take some from DC. I take inspiration from a lot of things, though, real life situations etc.

Well, depends. Marvel movies: Iron Man. Overall: Wonder Woman. Comics: Still to be decided.


Yea coming up with an original story is hard because so much has already been done


Yeah, it’s taken me a while to outline my story cause I’m always worried about being original. Of course, almost nothing is perfectly original, you just don’t want to fall into any traps.


Hey more superhero writers! Hi everyone!

My struggles with writing superhero stories is finding a balance between superpowers and the reality that would logically come with them. A guy can run really fast, but if he hits a civilian at that speed, let alone catch them when their falling, he could kill both himself and that person. Maybe he’s transparent when he’s fast enough or something? How is he going to hit the bad guys then? See what I mean?

In terms of superhero stories I get inspiration from comedy action hybrid shows like Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I think my favorite superheroes are Spiderman, the Powerpuff Girls, and the Legion of Superheroes.


Yess I agree


Oh yeah, making everything work logically is such a pain.


That is true cause there are a lot of things that are in the movies that would for sure kill a person in real life yet in the movies they are basically perfectly fine.


My people!

Welcome, @jenny_the_writer :smile:

My struggles… hm. Most of them probably aren’t specific to superhero stories, just writing stuff in general (plot? what’s a plot? :wink: ) I suppose I get some of my ideas from Marvel (and some DC too), but a lot of it just springs out of my head and is all jumbled with other genres.

I also adore Spiderman :heart_eyes: which of the movies series do you like better?


Spiderman is my all time fave! I always liked him but i learned about the spiderverse (with the inheritors) and fell so hard. My top three are

Og spidey
Miles morales
Spider Gwen
Silk and Scarlett come close