Any superhero writers out there lets talk superheroes



Hmm well I would have to go with the first one cause it was my first superhero movie that I’ve watched. But tom holland is doing a pretty good job as the current spiderman


oh yesss spider verse was so good!


He is! I thought Andrew Garfield did pretty good as well, even though it’s a different version of Spiderman


Andre Garfield’s is supposedly more comic book accurate which I would agree it sort of is.


really? I’ve never read the comics, but I feel like I’ve always heard the opposite (at least about his age)


I am more talking about the storyline of the movie than the character and yes most people weren’t happy about the age.


aaah gotcha. Either way, I thought the movies were well done and it was cool to see a more mature version (as much as I love the immature ones!)


I wrote a Horror AU about superheroes so I don’t know if that counts. :sweat_smile:
I am a huge DC fan with my favorite superhero being Batman. But I also love Spiderman and is the only Marvel hero I like.


Yes that counts I give you props I don’t think I could write anything horror. How do you do it? Though I am interested how the movie New Mutants would be since its suppose to be horror but who knows if it will ever come out to be in theaters because of Disney buying marvel


Yes! I enjoyed it very much. Though i do want to see the one from the comics in movie form :heart_eyes:


I had a similar thing happen to me once it’s even for a story about people with superpowers.

I had a story about a teenager in a world with superheroes who fights crime with improvised gadgets and ninjitsu. He was really stoic and always knew what to do even when nobody else did. His character arc was learning not to place pressure on himself to be perfect all the time. I had a supporting who was the 9 year old descendant of a legendary superhero family. He was like a metaphorical little brother that my main character would protect and go on adventures with. He had expectations to fill and he felt his powers of turning into people he takes DNA from means that he isn’t a hero in his own right if he copies from people who do have powers. He had a sense of ingenuity like the main character but instead of only making gadgets out of whatever he could find he applied the principles of what if to every problem he came across causing him to look at things completely differently than most would. I found him to be a more complex and interesting character than the lead I had at the time so I decided to make the kid the lead.

The story is still in development and I keep changing the specifics of where the superpowers came from and why they exist. However this character’s struggles to live up to society’s expectations given his inability to completely live up to them is consistent through all the version because this is who that character is and why I personally think I can tell more interesting stories with him.


ooo I feel like that there is going to a lot of superhero history in it.


Thank you!
I just had an idea that there needed to be vampire AU of Batman. But I wanted it to center around Batgirl. :sweat_smile:Ooohh, that reminds me that I am interested in the new Joker movie and that looks scary.


OMG yes it does look scary dude i love batgirl


Thank you so much for the follow! :smile: I love Batgirl too and I’m glad to meet another fan. She needs more love.


Hey, Jenny! Marvel geek here.
I am still working on creating superheroes in my sci-fi book that are neither binary or from outer space or incline more towards fantasy and stuff. I am even avoiding to create another Tony Stark Or Steve Rogers or Peter Parker. I don’t know how does this sound, but yeah, I am trying for something that isn’t pure cliche. With this said, my struggle is quite clear: developing new super powers.
I mean, look at Marvel comics! They’ve piled up all sorts of superpowers there. Right from air to water to space to every god damn thing. If I create a superpower for my character and it’s anything similar to an already existing superhero, that power begins to feel cliche to me. So, yeah, basically I struggle with exploring new powers.

I get ideas from my own expectations. This is weird, I understand :joy:
Mostly it’s Marvel, considering I am not a DC fan. Except, when it comes to Joker! (Did you see the new trailer???)

I don’t have any favourite superhero. It’s injustice on my part to differentiate between them. But I am not a big fan of X-men either (Mystique and company. Wolverine doesn’t count in this :rofl:)

(My English is quite crappy, but I hope this was legible. Looking forward to hearing from other superhero geeks :heavy_heart_exclamation:)


I know the struggle of try not to be cliche in superhero stories it’s very hard because even at times when your think your being original you find out later that it isnt lol And no I havent seen the new trailer yet.


I haven’t wrote a superhero book yet, but I’ve got a vague idea for one I want to start when I’ve finished a few of my ongoing projects. (I’m usually a fan of both sci fi and fantasy, so the superhero genre seems like a reasonable way to go). In terms of plot, I try not to get ideas from other stories, and I’d probably avoid readings comics and things while I’m writing it, since I don’t want to accidentally copy anything.


I can’t wait for the new Joker film too! It’s about time a supervillain was the protagonist of a superhero story. In fact, the Joker was the main inspiration for my superhero novel, “PSYCHO”. Not promoting, just saying.:rofl: I’m not sure if the actor playing Joker will be able to do as good as Heath Ledger in the The Dark Knight but I’m very hopeful from looking at the trailer. Fingers crossed…


I find it difficult to manage the flow of action in my scenes. Like, yeah, the superhero takes down the bad guy, but how much do they destroy, how far does the battle travel, do they just keep doing attacks that do almost nothing until they get an opening to win? I’m not Peter Parker, so these things do not come naturally to me.

I get most ideas from Marvel and prompts, I suppose. Actually, mostly from tumblr and my own weird brain.

Spider-Man, I thought that would be obvious.