Any superhero writers out there lets talk superheroes



I’ve started writing a story about crime fighters but I haven’t really worked on it in quite some time. Though the characters in the story are simply vigilantes with no powers, so I’m not sure if it really counts as a story about super heroes.

Inspiration obviously comes from all the non-superpowered characters such as Batman, Green Arrow, and one of my favourites, Daredevil.


My story wouldn’t be categorized as superhero but thinking on it, it does have superhero aspects. Instead of superheroes, the heroes in my story are all called knights. There are thousands upon thousands of them as everyone wants to be a knight and defend mankind from its many enemies. It’s set in another universe where magic(mana) is used for almost everything. From fueling vehicles to providing an entire city with power. Most of all its what give knights their power. They can channel mana and shape it in various ways. The weakest knights are very limited in what they can do and rely heavily on mana powered weapons. The strongest of knights can control elements, summon monsters, perform transformation, and much much more.

Once a knight is of certain renown, they earn titles. Not exactly a superhero name but kinda close. XD


I do not write superhero stories although superpower is prominent, but in my current project, there is a superhero wannabe as a minor character. It’s all because there exist aliens that can give humans superpowers, and this little boy loves the fire power he gets. He’s a loud, hot-blooded, rash, reckless idiot teen hero (read: stock shounen hero).

He died shortly after his debut. Stabbed by a giant scorpion stinger, fried alive by lightning, and thrown off an apartment building. Nakama power and miracles from sheer determination don’t exist here. The world of Mist is where you have to be smart to survive (this includes not explaining what your superpower does to your foe as you fight, because your foe will abuse the knowledge), whereas this superhero wannabe gets too excited with his power and goes against the impossible odds despite all the warnings from his mentor figure…


I am currently working on a prequel to “Batman: Sword of Azreal” where Azreal’s father leaves Europe to come to Gotham.

My biggest struggle with writing superhero stories is keeping the story as close to cannon as possible. Even though Wattpad is a fun place to post your own fantasies, there are some purist out there who don’t want the cannon messed with.

I get my ideas from DC mostly. If I were to write a Marvel story, I have always wanted to do Spider-man and I would make the events take place after Civil War, erase One More Day and Brand New Day, and tie my story in with Secret Invasion where it is revealed that Mary Jane was a skrull and that Peter Parker has been married to a skrull and that the real Mary Jane has been held captive in space since before the events of The Clone Saga.

As for my favorites, I love Batgirl and She-Hulk (What can I say? I’m attracted to strong and intelligent women). As for male superheroes, my favorite is Superman, although Batman does have better villains and better stories. As far as the teams go, I love the X-Men team from 1975 and The Fantastic Four. I have always felt DC has never done a good job when they have teamed superheroes up together. The closest they have come was 80’s Teen Titans and when they relaunched JLA in 1997.


And I am home.

I started writing superhero stories a year ago, mine is a series, and I am planning another two later this year. I would have to say Wanda is my favorite superhero.

I don’t really struggle as much with writing superhero books, but the finding a draw back for the hero or villain is super hard.

My main superhero story is a series, which will be four books, the first two are posted and going through revisions. It’s about this girl whose a sketch artist for heroes and villains working for the police and she does side jobs trying to do her own justice on the side, one day she goes to get more art supplies and nearly has her soul taken, but she’s saved by a hero that’s familiar to her. Her parents are also heroes and she’s not.


What do you mean by that?

That sounds amazing!!! Can I get the title of the book so I can add it to my library?


like a weakness to their powers

Legend&Ash and its sequel Timeless&Void, hope you enjoy


Ahh I see. I find that difficult too. You could try a battle game in the fantasy section for some outside help, if you have any troubles atm


Yes I know what you mean about i try not to but there are shows and movies that are just so good not to watch lol


Hmm yea that is a lot of things to think about when writing which i feel that my story hasn’t gotten that far so i wasn’t thinking about that but now that you mention it you make a good point


wow your story sounds interesting XD and very well thought out


Thank you! Over a year went into world building and characters.


wow that must have been hard but probably very much needed in your story


Yup. Im still coming up with new ideas for the series even now. Im sure im, not the only one who puts in the time. Id bet a lot of people put in years!


oh yea for sure i mean. i get writer’s block a lot so for me it would be very hard lol


We all get writer’s block. If you keep your eyes and ears open you can find inspiration when you least expect it.

Also a writing buddy may help


Hi, I’m writing a super hero story and all. Thought I’d come in and say hi.


Nice XD and Hi


Hello, so, my hero story is kinda a bit… weird… basically all the heroes act more like a police force rather than the standard hero bit. Kinda like them being SWAT, GIGN, GSG-9, etc for examples, instead of the ‘colorful caped hero busts through the ceiling and saves the day from evil villain of the week.’ Also I have two POVs each against the other but having different motivations. I hope I explained that right.

Also favorite heroes from DC and Marvel:

DC: Depending on which variation but normally Batman.
Marvel: Deadpool.


is it sort of like agents of shield?