Any superhero writers out there lets talk superheroes



My story… Kinda… Everyone does have super powers and they do some stuff like that but, imagine kinda like Rainbow Six Siege, that’s the closest thing I can really think of. Like one sniper has ice powers so he create platforms of ice to use, one person can make an adhesive armor made out of gel she creates that sticks to people and stops bullets until it breaks, one person can create portals that she can use to travel or shoot through. It’s kinda like that. Everyone has powers that help them with fighting but they all have weapons like police officers do to actually do their job. If that makes sense.


That’s cool. So they actually kill?


Yes, but most of them feel bad about it and try to avoid it while those that have killed before (such as former officers, former soldiers, etc.) don’t feel quite as bad about it because they’ve slowly come to accept it and there’s a large moral scale due to all of it. None of the characters fall right into the hero or villain role but rather the thin grey line in between that has, for the sake of my story, been expanded into a large wall of grey moral lines that they may or may not cross.


Sounds interesting XD


Yeah, that’s kinda the point to it. It’s more of a battle between the characters about morality rather than battling exclusively against an evil tyrannical force. Yes, there is one of those but it’s more of a pushover once as one group stands up to them rather than being an actual threat.


So when writing a superhero story how do you keep yourself motivated to keep on writing. Cause i get major writers block which leads to me never finishing a story. How do you usually get out of it? do you watch superhero movies to get pumped up to write?


I’m writing a superhero story right now. It’s about a heavily polluted futuristic world, set on a planet-wide city covered entirely in smog.

The superheroes in my story are part of a corrupted government law enforcement. Anyone who has superpowers but escapes from the government’s reach is branded a supervillain and hunted down. One of the main focuses of the story is pollution and since the Smog doesn’t negatively affect the superheroes, only civilians, the superheroes don’t do anything about it.


Oh that sounds interesting. My story’s a little bit similar with the gray morality part because there’s two main organizations in the story, and neither of them are solely heroic or villainous— one is a corrupted government force and the other is a secretive ecoterrorist organization. What are the groups in your story?


I think same as writing any other story. For me I like daydreaming about my characters, drawing them, or writing short stories about them, to keep myself invested in the world. Other than that I just have to force myself to keep writing.


That is true


I am having trouble with this also. O was really pumped to write my spidersona’s story while i was watching the new cartoon spider-man, yet it stopped cause my teacher told away my notebook.


Cool, and sorry, I just woke up. And both major sides of my story are the same way with neither being heroic or villainous. But I need to state that there is a tyrannical dictatorship government that’s evil, no doubt about that, and the world is divided by the two species that lives there (it’s Si-Fi and has aliens btw) and the dictatorship likes their species and treats the others, who make up the two major groups, horribly. The two major sides are the Gene Force and Helix Division (or GF and HD). The GF are what you would expect from a heroic group. They act as your standard police force of entering a building, clearing the area of hostiles, and taking care of whatever is going on such as defusing explosives, rescuing hostages, confiscating hazardous items, etc. Their ideas are that if they can perform just as well as the government could so that their race could be seen as equal to the others. The Helix Division are more of the rebel group rebelling against the government due to how bad things are. They break off from the dictatorship, form their own government for their species, and actively try to recruit and rescue more of their own species from the dictatorship. They’re more of a, enter a building quietly, do what they need to, defend themselves against whatever’s coming for them, and then get out of there. So, I’ve designed both sides’ powers around their roles. Offensive powers for the GF, such as portals, explosive gels, fire to take out electronic devices, etc. Defensive and intel collection based powers for the HD, such as extra armor, harder hitting weapons, force fields, psychic cameras, etc. Needless to say that the two sides fight against each other a bit, causing a large moral debate between the two. Plus with ten active members on each side and a few other characters for support, each with their own different moral views, it gets to be a large moral debate as well.


Oh that sounds really interesting! Which group are your main characters in?


They’re split among the two groups. One half makes up the GF and the other makes up the HD. The chapters alternate between the two sides with a few breaks for other smaller sub plots that tie into the main one.


Nice. In my story one of the characters is part of the law enforcement and the other has superpowers but hid them so she wouldn’t have to join. They both end up joining the secretive environmental group. Gray morality is fun.






I was pretty upset when I heard about the fire at Notre Dame. So, I did some research and wrote a Batman fan-fiction story about it called The Batman of Notre Dame.

Did you know that in 2012, DC comics created a Batman for France? Yeah, apparently his name is Nightrunner and he is 22-years-old. I was pretty excited when I found that out and I knew I had to incorporate (no pun intended as Nightrunner is part of Batman Incorporated) this hero into my story.

It took me a few hours to write, but I felt completely at peace when I finished it.


Finally, you need to get into the Marvel lore for it. But it’s upto you if you want to go on the DC lore.

But Spidey is a cool one. :slight_smile:


I have something cooking, but it’s not really at a point where I can sit down and start cranking it out yet. I figure I may as well pitch the idea, though.

Basically, it’s a superhero comedy… but instead of going for the “weird heroes fight weird villains” angle like The Tick or Madman or Great Lakes Avengers or Doom Patrol or etc (point is it’s been done to death), it’ll be more traditional heroes in their day-to-day mundane lives, focusing specifically on a retired, divorced Batman-esque hero who lives right next door to his also-retired Joker equivalent. Kind of Venture Bros. influenced, or like a more mature Teen Titans! Go.

Would people be into this?