Any tips on getting more people to read your story.



I have just started writing and have 3 chapters published, just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice on how to get more people to pick up your book?


Read theirs by pre-arrangement in a chpater by chapter exchange (Story Services subforum facilitate that). This way you seek out people who are interested in your genre.

Join or start a book club focusing on your genre.

You can also enter user-run contests, they usually always have plenty of spots for horror, that gives you a read from a judge, heh.

If you are good wit( social media and do Twitter & Instagram, you can try to get your friends there come check out your book.


tell people about it, and KEEP WRITING. If you establish a regular schedule, it will probably be easier to follow.


Here’s a really go thread on getting reads and readers!


Is it worth looking at contests yet if I’m only 3 chapters in? Doing the social media thing too, not got much interest from a following who mainly are obsessed with motorbikes. However much appreciate the advice, I will keep writing and hopefully the readers will keep building. Thanks


Cheers that’s the plan, and I will keep telling people. Cheers


I will check this out thanks.


Yes, three chapters are worth it. In most user contests, the judge will only read one or two chapters, and by the time they put their act together, you generally will have enough chapters to qualify if you are updating weekly.

Social Media is only worth it if you have friends who will do you a solid or you are a genius at making a drama out of your life that draws people


Well, I’m not a genius or dramatic, unfortunately, but I have posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on several accounts without much luck, but will keep plugging. I will try the comps if I can find any. Cheers


Good luck!



Make sure you have a hook within the first paragraph on the first chapter. End the chapter with a strong hook. Next chapter build up to another hook, not as strong as the first chapter but strong enough to keep the reader interested. Chapter 3 another build up to another Hook.

Just remember you’re writing to keep the reader interested. Sometimes hooks can annoy reader, but that’s because they feel compelled into finishing up your book.

And naturally, make sure you finished your book. I suggest to finish writing your book before posting on wattpad, there are far too many writers that write 3 or 5 chapters on wattpad and the story is incomplete. Most of the time the writer is looking for feedback, but to tell you the truth, this will only hinder your progress. You are going to get good as well as bad feed back.

Most of the books I posted on wattpad were complete stories. I got reads and I got fans because the story I was posting were complete and I was able to post weekly updates.

Good luck :slight_smile: