Any True Crime fans out there?

I would love to discuss some of the current true crime cases like the Delphi Murders or even older ones like The Black Dahlia. I want to hear which ones you might be sluething around with right now.

I read true crime books and watch true crime documentaries all the time! My favorite is about the Susan Powell disappearance; really sad but really good.

I find them crazy interesting. There is one close to where I live, The Delphi Murders. It’s crazy because one of the kids he murdered turned on her phone and has a video of the man but it’s been three years and no arrests. It’s driving me crazy because he is still not caught.

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I think I have a mild addiction to the documentaries. I try and watch at least 1 a day when I get a chance. There have been a lot of really good ones out lately

Do you watch You Tube like Kendall Rae or Danelle Hallon?

I haven’t done yet, just mostly recorded stuff on tv or Netflix or whatever. What are they?

They just put all the facts together and talk about theories. It’s really neat because sometimes the families will hop on and comment so you get a real perspective.

I’ll definitely have to check that out!

There’s one with the Delphi murders where they didn’t tell you who the suspect was but dropped enough hints you could figure it out. They said what year he graduated from that high school and he was involved in a certain club. You can look up the yearbook online and pull up the members of that club. The last hint was he had a sibling with him in this club. So I got figure out the person of interest and learned more about him online. They wouldn’t just come out and say his name because of the whole innocent until proven guilty thing but they dropped enough hints. If you get a chance look up the Delhi murders on you tube because it’s a crazy one. Small town of 3k people, video of the killer and you can hear his voice but there still hasn’t been any arrests.

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I have read and researched on a lot of cases. The problem with Internet is the hard time you get to differentiate between the facts and fictions. I am more interested in cases that are termed as ‘unsolved since ages’ with no guarantee if they will ever be solved because I don’t think if there’s anything such as a perfect crime. You harm someone, in any way, and get away with it; impossible. Especially with the police. It’s always someone on the inside, who doesn’t want to let these criminals see their right places. Either it’s that, or in the cases of simple disappearances, where the victims are never found, the victims don’t wish to be seeked out. Probably they just run away for no reason. The best example of this slothiness being the Delphi Murders Case itself where 26000 tips were speculated to have been received by the police. And still not a single arrest. It’s no mystery of unsolved case. Just some corrupt authorities.

Right, they say he is from Delphi but even in the whole county there is only 20k people. I like the older cases too, especially ones that were solved with DNA years later.

The Delphi case is so weird because the man in the video is not young. I say that because of the clothes he was wearing, the new sketch is of a young guy so it makes no sense.

I love true crime! I find it fascinating and highly recommend taking a criminology course or watching buzzed unsolved on YouTube. I can spend hours doing that.

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Me too and I haven’t really written one yet. I just finished my 28th book about five minutes ago so I just might start it.

If you happen to write a story, message me and I’d love to read it