Any twenty year olds around here?


So I have noticed multiple ‘looking for friends’ threads and thought ‘let’s give it a go an see what happens’. So yeah, here I am?


I’m 21 :see_no_evil:






Hey! I’m 20!


How are you doing?


Hello! How are you?


I’m great thanks! How’re you?


Great! Finishing my cover for my National Geographic entry


Okay right now. I’m trying to finish the fifth episode of Tell Me A Story but it won’t load :sweat: You?


Is your work?
Ehm, kinda struggling with the idea of what I want to use on the cover itself


It’s a tv-series!
How come?


Oh never heard of it, any good?

It’s because I can’t seem to get it right haha


It’s on HBO Nordic, don’t know if it is on normal HBO as well. It is a modern, thriller\crime retelling of several fairy tales in one, so you follow three or four story lines that I hope all will connect in the end. It’s okay. I’m not over the tops about it yet, but it just took a really dark turn so crossing my fingers.


It sounds really good, a bit like OUAT?


But totally different vibes and the characters have the characteristics of the fairy tale characters but they aren’t actually them. OUTA always seemed “happy” too me. This is not.


Sounds good, I’ll look it up


Hello. But, for now I am 19


Physically 20 but mentally a kid. Yo.


Yeah well same actually, buti’ll be twenty in a month (cringe)