Any twenty year olds around here?


Well, I rarely meet others that are older than me here :rofl:


U are definently not old!!


I know a few people who are actually older than you , like they’re moms :joy::joy::joy: so, you’re not the oldest here


‘the feeling old because I can’t find anyone the same age or older than me’ was a big part of why I created this thread :joy:


I turn 20 in a few weeks days. Does that count? o.O


Yes, maybe, it does? Well, Happy Birthday in advance


Hope so, and thank you :slight_smile:


Haha! Just kidding, indeed you can join the group. I am nineteen and will turn 20, late in October next year :joy:


Just turned 20 two months ago. I feel old already saying that. But, luckily, I look like a 12 year old. xD




Happy early birthday :slight_smile:


hai. i’m new here and i’m 20 y.o :blush:


Hi elder


haha hai younger(?) XD


If only younger was the correct word in this context :joy:


haha yapp… XD
im 20 but there’s someone younger than me here, in this thread XD

how old are you?


Hiiii I’m feeling so old now