Any twenty year olds around here?


awesome! than we can be friends too




I’m great tired but great!


okay well what are your interests?


Trying to recover from a cold


Well I am a biology student, I am writing a fantasy novel and I love to walk outside


I hope you get better soon I was sick too but now I’m healthy again :blush::v:t2:


What do you like?


oh no I’m sorry! Cold’s are the worst. I thought I was getting sick earlier this week and I was soooo scared cause it’s finals time and I can’t afford to get sick lol


walking outside? you like biology? cool I loveeee the nature what is studying biology exactly?


Hahaha that’s exactly how I felt and it kicked in as soon as I finished the stuff I really had to do


yes that sucks! finals are hard good luck with yours!


Well stuff I have recently had exams on are genetics and microbiology


I think it is the time again for getting sick I was sick last week now it is over :blush: but hope you will get better soon, my interests are art. I’m really an artistic person hihiii


But it is really hard, the upside is that I am really interested in most of the stuff


Ohh I like to draw from time to time! But I don’t have much free time on my hands to do so I’m afraid


hmmmm when are you graduated from school? (lol) I have much time for doing art and I loveeee drawing , which I do a lot :blush:


2,5 years left and I will have my bachelor


okay that is hard I think! I hope you can graduate :blush: I go sleep now speak you tomorrow


Alright, sleep well!