Any twenty year olds around here?


thankyou byeeee


Turned 22 a few weeks ago😁


I’m still in my 20’s but by thursday i’ll be 30 xD


I’m going to be 30 but I know how you feel about being that height!


Oof yes, I get you. I’m 19 but 20 in like 4 months, but I’m often mistaken for 12 yrs old, yup.


Lol happy early birthday then!




I am 19 too :raised_hands:


heeey there again this is the best thread!


YOOOOOO :raised_hands::hugs:


HAPPY early birthday to you and yay someone gets me. I guess it’s a good thing, I wouldnt mind to be 30 still looking like I’m in my early twenties(until some one much younger tries to have me as their sugar momma or gf)


Yeah xD. Why is it always 12, why can’t it be at least 16 or 18? lol

Four months as in April right because its Dec.2 here now and if so then when?

I’ll be 24.


Despite being 21, I have not grown since middle school, and thus I am perpetually stuck looking like I’m 13 and people thinking I’m just some kid that got lost. I’m 5’0’’.


It is really confusing when people use a different system to measure height and stuff haha, honestly I have no idea how tall you guys are when not told in m or cm


Thanks :slight_smile: Omg that statement haha xD


I support this forever.


Lol i’m 5 foot nothing xD or 5 foot 1 around there.


This, this is just cruel


I turn twenty in two weeks, do i count lmao


Lol what is?