Any twenty year olds around here?


I’m going to be pass 20 in a few days :rofl::rofl: I can no longer say i’m in my 20s cries Lol i’m not really crying just wanted to be dramatic.


Oh yeah I guess I mean in 2-3 months (whoops, what is math) cause my bday is end of Feb


The 5 foot something, I have absolutely no idea what you mean


I was hoping I’d find some people my age! What’s up guys? I’m Arya :blush:


Drowning in schoolwork and writing. You?




Hi we are in the same age then


Awesome! :smiley:


yes I’m already 30 and I must admit it feels great


I am almost 30 too XDDDDDDDDD


Such a drama queen… HAHAHAHA


bro i JUST got home from work. about to do some writing myself. :relaxed:


I’m 26! I’m scared to be 30 in 4 years.:open_mouth: lol


OoO nice! I still have a few more days.


cries more LOL hahahaha. In case you’ve forgotten i’m more bossy (according to the ass. You know who i’m referring too haha) xD


I am 20, turning 21 January 14th.


Ahh don’t be, its just a number xD






I could, but borrowing like two or three years