Any Type of Graphic for a Character! (high payment offered)

Yep! Still open!
Go ahead! Just let me know the payment when you finish. ;D

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Woo! Awesome! Thanks! Noice! :grin:
What payment would you like?

Comments on two chapters would be cool. Pick whatever story of mine you fancy

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Cool! Will do!

Hey, I can make a playlist for your character! Just fill out my form here:

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Sure! Awesome!
I’ll do it tomorrow because a thing just came up, but thanks! I’ll try to get it done asap for you! :grin:

This is still open! :blush:

K, just realised this still existed. XD
Yes, it’s still open. Feel free to post if you want. :grin:

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Scaren Graphic

Spent way more time on this than intended, but eh lol Here you go :}


That’s so awesome! Thank you so much! :blush: :grin:
Which payment would you like?

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Kinda forgot there was one, to be honest lol If you’re up for it though, the read would be nice. Was the whole point of my posting it in the first place xD (My book I mean)

~ Shy Walking Shadows

There’s two different ‘versions’ - They’re both the same exact book, one is just getting a reformat so the chapters are shorter. Which will end up meaning there’ll be three times as many at least…but, yea, lol

You can choose which one you’d like to go for. The mobile versions chapters are between 2-3k words, where as the original ones are anywhere from 5k words all the way up to 9k (And that’s even splitting the original chapters into sections as well, lol)

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I would love to make a character banner and aesthetic for this!

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That’s great! Will do!
Oh, I’ll put a comment at the end too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’d be so awesome! Thank you!
Do you need any extra info? If so, just let me know what you need. :blush:

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Thank you <3

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I can make you a character card.
Like this: example

Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Occupation:
Character’s Quotes:
One or two objects that represent your character:

The quotes can be something your character has said or thought of, or it can be some kind of motto they live by.

I’ll also need a picture to use and I can use
this picture unless you want a different one then I would have to ask you to either specify the faceclaim or give me a few photos to choose from. Photos should be clear.

UPDATE: This is what I have so far, and I just need a few more details.
Kingly character card so far

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This is awesome! Thanks! here are the details:
Character Name: Vincent Urian (for now - could potentially change)
Character Age: 27
Character Occupation: Lord/Duke
Character’s Quotes:

  • People don’t break themselves - life does.
  • Fate is a cruel and jealous mistress, smiling wickedly down at the hand she has dealt me.
  • Pawns can be your greatest advantage, for it is only with them that you have a chance to checkmate the king.
  • My disfigurement is a curse that strangles me with every move, and yet, it will not halt me from knocking down the king.
  • When nightmares and dreams become one, you start to forget the difference between right and wrong. It blurs together, capturing you in a wave that you’re never able to escape. Once you’ve done evil in the face of good, you can never turn back.
  • I hate myself, I do. But honestly, I often find it hard not to hate others too. Sometimes, all I want to do is take out a knife and see where it leads me.

One or two objects that represent your character: Crown, chess piece, dagger (what you have is fine). :grin: :blush:

Thanks again! Hopefully this is helpful! :heart:

Oh, and just let me know which payment you want. :blush: :grin:

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Hey, so I tried something, here it is:

And for payment, option 1 on Dragonriders would be great! Though I think you already read the first two chapters (if not more) so I guess you just add 5 chapters after that.

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This is awesome! Thanks so much! Will do!

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