Any UK writers around?

Just as the title says. I would like to connect with other UK writers. I have no issues with everyone else, except for timezones. Lol.

Intro: I’m Victoria. An American woman who’s been kidnapped by the English and has become one of their own. Lol. I’m 25 and I enjoy reading and write all types of romances. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m from the UK.

Hi! How are you? :smiley:

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(Raises hand)

I’m half British but also live here, kidnapped ofcourse).

Weirdly…I sound Canadian when I speak haha.

Nice to meet you :wink:

Nice to meet you too! My accent is all over the place. Sometimes I sound very American. Other times, I sound very British. On rare occasions, I sound like both at the same time. :laughing:

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Well, I have a slight slur to my speech which betrays its Latin origin, but…we’re in the same bisto gravy boat.

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No shame in that. I like confusing the hell out of people when I speak. It’s always interesting to see everyone’s reaction when I go down the list of heritage in my blood.

How’s your day going? :smiley:

I’m not from the UK, but I do study British Literature and English Language. Does that count?

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Yep, all the time when people speak to me on the phone they think I’m mostly canadian, or Irish or south African…

Days not to bad, only got home an hour ago.

Currently living and writing in London. I write Sci-Fi and if i ever need my daily dose of dystopian inspiration i just get on the tube during rush hour…

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Yeab! We’ll try and help you along. Are you in the UK?

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Unfortunately No. I’m studying it in my country Turkey; however, I wanna get my MA degree in Britain.

@Nelly_Starfields Lol, that’s fine. Anyone is welcomed. I’m just hoping to connect with writers closer to my timezone.

@SorrowfulQuill Accents are never really a true representative of who we are anyway. Lol. Ah, are you relaxing now or are you going to write?

@whatmasterpiece Oh, that sounds cool. Sci-Fi is always a fun genre.

I sound half British when I speak lol. I can imitate some accents too.

The only accent I can try to imitate is a very cringy babie girl voice. :laughing:

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Lol, I can sound Russian, a little Indian, angry British granny…

I’m from Birmingham :smiley::uk:

Angry granny? Lmao! Love it!

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Hi! I live in London. How are you?

Well I’m cooking some chicken for a curry, then writing as I’m on a creative high :wink: