Any writers over 25?


Like the title says, anyone here writing who’s over 25? I see a lot of chats for people 35+ and lots of chats for teenagers, but I haven’t really seen any for people around my own age. Posting in the Pub instead of the Cafe since things move a bit slower here and I tend to lose track of conversations in the Cafe. Would love to meet some people and would love to hear about people’s stories!


I’m 26


I’m knocking on 30


Close to leaving the ‘2’ behind as well.


Hey how’s it goin’ I’m 27


26 here. It’s nice finding that in-between group


yeah it is. Like Medula-Oblongata said, most people on here are either older or younger.


Hello all, how’s it going?


Great :blush: how are you?


I’m doing alright. Just playing video games and drinking some tea


What games? I’ve been playing Dark Souls Remastered lately.


I’m playing Pokemon Black 2. I have also been playing Splatoon 2 lately


Ah. Don’t get cooked. Stay off the hook.


I take it you play it too? XD


I’ve clocked around 500 hours in it so… kinda xD


I’m 27. Thank God there’s people here over 20 lol




Hello! It’s almost my bday, and for once, I’m not upset about turning older.


Nice username, by the way. @ OP


Nice, I don’t know how many hours I’ve clocked but I’m sure it’s a lot XD What’s your main weapon? I main the N-zap 89, Tri-slosher, and Nautilus splatling