Any writers over 25?


You’re a writer. That’s the point. You write because there’s something you want to say, a story you want to share, an emotion you need to feel. If it finds an audience… then that’s awesome. But at the end of the day, you can’t worry about that… worry about being consistent and creating more great work and sharing the stuff you want to share. The marketing and pitching and submitting is HARD work… and it’s hard to compete against the sheer volume of people vying for attention. But nothing is harder than giving up on writing especially when that’s what you are. #motivationalsunday


Self publish indy bookstores. There’s a book store here that does local poetry and zine consignment.


I shall read your poems then! I won’t be fast at it but if it will help you feel better then I can!


I could do that, that’s a thought.


;o; <3 You don’t have to force yourself. (Fortunately, I haven’t posted the most cringey ones.)


Also… think about reciting your poetry. I know it’s not for everyone, but doing poetry reads and open mic nights are a great way to build an audience who will invest.


Okay. Tbh I think I’d love to recite my poems. Maybe poetry reads are more my thing than open mic nights though. My poems aren’t quite “spoken word.”


Nah, I like a good poem. Not to mention, I read your blurb and it sounds pretty up my alley as someone who has a lot of mental health issues


I hear you on the cringey thing. I’m still so new to writing, I’m afraid I’m going to look back on mine later and feel like puking. Cause anxiety. But be brave new friends. We will grow.


Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions, ya’ll. I’ll try to keep in mind that it’s harder to not express my story/thoughts.


I am a newly minted supervisor at work so I’m going in to make sure I’m prepared for my team on Tuesday, whew nerves about writing and being responsible for others is going to get me. I’ll check on you boos later.


I’ve only kept one or two poems from the ones I wrote back when I was years younger. They aren’t quite coherent, but I feel I couldn’t have expressed that idea in a better way.

I’m confident in a few of my poems because they were written long ago, and I look back on them without cringing much. That’s the true test of time, maybe.


Yup! We shall always be growing. I wonder if I will look back at my current work 10 years from now and cringe? XD


Last thought for now. What books do you think well known authors cringe at though? bbl


A good question lol. Okay, see ya later


Guess creating something I like and can feel proud of is the point - not this contest, or that publisher, and so on. I can picture a self-published volume of poems in my hand with a beautiful, hand-drawn cover. That’s a good goal.


Yeah exactly! Btw I am reading your poems now. Read the first one so far and it’s good!


Hi! I’m 26, and I’ve also noticed that this age is more difficult to find on Wattpad!


Hello! How are you? What are ya doing?


I have read about five of them so far, I am enjoying them! I will read some more a bit later.\