Any writers over 25?


Hello there, how’re you doing?


Thank you!


You’re welcome! I should go write or draw or something or other, I have been doing nothing all day lol


I’ve been procrastinating as well.


I’m just not terribly inspired to do anything right now. Which is really not good since I had planned on getting a lot done this weekend


I feel you. :frowning:


Originally I was planning to go shopping for a belated bday present for myself, but due to lack of sleep, I ended up staying in.


Probably for the best. I have no excuse other than laziness lol. I slept just fine and have been at my computer all day. I guess I could read one of the seven works I promised people I’d get to


Hi! I’m well, how are you? And I’m assuming you mean what am I writing? I’ve been working on a urban fantasy novel, what about you?


Hello! I’m doing well, what about you? I find your username hilarious because I’m taking neuroanatomy right now hahah


I am procrastinating like nobody’s business lol. Told myself I’d get some writing done today but I just haven’t done any yet. Or reading. Or drawing. Or gaming. Or, well, anything


Oh, just in general. Some people might have been cooking, etc. in this thread. XD

I’m okay ish, kind of sleepy and tired. Didn’t get much sleep.

Oooh urban fantasy. :o I’m not familiar with urban ones, but I read fantasy novels.

I’m trying to get myself together. Trying to focus on making a poetry book that I would love for years to come. I printed out a list of poems, and I was thinking of rearranging the names, so that they transitioned well.


You have been keeping me company. That is something. <3


This is true! Hadn’t really thought of it that way. Perhaps I shall find something I can mulitask with. Pokemon it is then lol


May your backpack be filled and your pokeballs plentiful.


Lol, thanks! I can hang out on the forums and play pokemon at the same time. most of my other stuff requires a lot more concentration


Oh! haha, well I’ve been packing for my trip next week!

Do you regularly have sleep problems or just last night? I hope you sleep better tonight!

What kind of poems do you write? How long have you been writing poems, have you ever performed your poems at a cafe or in front of people?


I’m procrastinating too, haha, I understand the struggle


Oh, that’s exciting! :smiley: Where are you headed to, if you don’t mind me asking? Is it a vacation trip? I’m planning on going overseas in May for vacation. :3

This is the second night that it’s happened recently. Before this, I slept fine.

I write rhyming poems mostly. I’ve been writing since I was around 14. And nope, I haven’t really performed in front of people.


Today was supposed to be a writing day but nope didn’t want to it seems. I need to get my act together since if I keep doing this, I’ll never get anything done