Any writers over 25?


Oh, where are you going in May? I love to travel.

I won an essay contest for my university so they’re sending me to Mozambique, Africa for free!

That’s really cool, I find poetry so much more difficult than novels. I always have too many words, so I find poetry amazing in how much you can convey with so few words.


Haha well, everyone needs a mental break occasionally. You don’t do your best work when you force it anyways. So, maybe tomorrow!


Oh, sweet! I’m going to China. :o Congratulations on the win btw!

I don’t have the patience to write many words, and what I do write I end up trying to shorten, and they turn into poems. XD


That’s awesome! I’m Chinese American, but I’ve never been to China hahaha. I speak, read, write but never set foot in the country! I hope you have a wonderful time. -and thanks!

I’m a rambler, I have the opposite problem xD


Maybe so. I start a new job tomorrow though so I am not terribly hopeful. Full time employment is going to make it hard to get metal breaks.


Thanks! Rambling is good. :3


Mmmm metal brakes (sry, teasing)


I mean, I take those too. Metal is my music of choice


Oh, well congrats on the new job! I hope you love it! But yeah, full time can be hard, so it might be best to take advantage of your last day and just hang out instead of write.


True. Might be the last mental break I get in a while. Starting tomorrow I am pretty much going to be going full tilt all the time


Hallo, anybody in here?


I am nine hours later XD


I’m currently 32. Nice to find people my age here!


Hello there, welcome to the thread! How’s it going?


Hi! I’m very new here!

What kind of stories do you write?


I write fantasy and fantasy-romance. How about you?


I write urban fantasy mainly, dystopian themes and things like that.

Have you got any of your work up on wattpad? I’ll take a look at it!


I do have some of my work up yes! The one I like most is Rise From Ashes, it’s a fantasy-romance written in the style of a journal




Hello, just got home from my first day at work