Any writers over 25?


31, not quite at that 35+ chat yet. How’s everyone doing? Getting lots of reading/writing in today?


Nope, haven’t done any yet. Just got home from work.


Wb! I’m at work


Doing ok maybe. Got called in for this morning to work


Still at work, haven’t gotten a chance to read/write maybe. How about you?


Good evening my fellow oldies. How are we all today?


On the forums at work? XD


Hello! Fancy seeing you here =P

I am writing currently. Finally getting around to a chapter


Well hello again! Haha that’s great! I still haven’t but I’m going to give it a bash in a little while. I’ve had a few things like shopping and washing I had to do. Believe me I would have much preferred to be writing!


Yeah, writing definitely sounds a lot more enjoyable. Meanwhile, I got home from work and actually had the energy to write. This is a good sign.


A very good sign! Some days your mind is just made for writing. It’s such a rush! Haha


Hello people


Hey there! How are you doing?


Yesss not sure what makes today different but either way, I am gonna vanish in a minute to finish this chapter


Enjoy! And good luck!



Also, here’s a weird question I just had to look up for writing purposes: what does pig’s blood taste like?

context, character is a vampire who drinks animal blood and favors pig’s blood XD


You will be very surprised to hear that I have absolutely no idea :joy::joy::joy: not something I’ve ever tried!


I feel like I know you, I just don’t know from where


Probably one of the many threads on here. I try to be as active as possible!


OMG! it was from like last year. And in it I got into a fight with another dude. And then we because friends. Didn’t you have a profile pic with a filter before tho?
I sound like a fucking stalker