Any writers over 25?


I ended up searching what blood sausage tastes like. Close enough I guess xD


Holy Jesus I did hahahaha that is so messed up that you remember that! :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t suppose anyone who reads will argue with you haha


If anyone argues I will say that vampires have different taste buds than humans do in this setting lol


Got a whole chapter written today, it doesn’t come out til Friday so I’m feeling really good about that :muscle:


I was honestly thinking so hard for five minutes of who you were


I guess it’s a good thing to be remembered for! Haha




Worked so long today ;-;


Oof, that’s no fun




Hallo! How are you?


So what kind of stuff does everyone write? I’m looking for some new reads. :slight_smile:


Poetry and fantasy fiction. You?


Urban fantasy mainly, there’s also a slice of life comedy on my wattpad account


Hi again!

I write mostly comedies and romantic comedies but I do aspire to try other genres. I have one mystery/supernatural story on Wattpad but it’s not finished and hasn’t been updated in months. I find other genres a lot harder for me


Hello everyone!




Well I had my first real work day. I don’t think I like my job. It’s boring


D: maybe you can sneak in some writing with it