Any writers over 25?


No, it’s a really busy job. Busy and boring at the same time




Ok ish, tired. Zzzzz You?


29 myself. On the upper Millenial limit.


Tried I’m going to be 28 next month


/pat. And ooh. I just turned 29 about a week ago


Anybody here :o


I am 7 hours later lol


sorry I’m like a day late to the party XD but I am here if anyone else is


Hallo :smiley:


hey! sorry scylla lol I got distracted by editing


Np xD I’m hungry, but I got two ideas now maybe.


Only less than an hour before my shift ends


Question! How do you keep up with the threads here?! I’ve seen a decent amount of interesting topics, but then in a single workday they get like 300 new messages and then I can’t just butt in :smile: Am I too old or am I just generally slow? What’s happening :grimacing:


I’m 30. I’ll be 31 in October. o/ I don’t really act my age though. :S


I tend to post in pretty low traffic threads. There’s a reason I made this thread in the pub instead of the cafe


Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one then :relaxed:


Yeah. I can’t keep up with any of the threads in the cafe, it’s too much, lol


Put out two chapters today :tired_face: I need a nap. Glad it’s Friday though!


Congrats! Always feels good to get a new chapter out