Any writers over 25?


I’m 36, so definitely over 25. I’m mostly writing fan fiction on this site, but I do have some original works in progress.


Hi. It’s nice to meet you all. I should be sleeping now but decided to post a few chapters first. And then of course head to the chat to talk about writing. :slight_smile:


Hello, welcome to the thread! How’re you?


I’m 25 years old, 26 in October!


Very well thank you, just finished a long day at work. Now chilling at home doing some writing!
How are you?


I think the same thing when I see those threads. I’m like ‘where’s the NA crowd?’ lol

I turned 26 in January of this year.
My addictions are: sad songs, languages, chocolate, BTS, 2NE1, and napping.
My allergies: exercise and hot weather.

Nice to meet you. :smile:

Right now, the only story I have going on wattpad is a gay romantic gangster drama, called Love Me in the Light. It’s the first book of three novella series called Shattered Moon.

I have a host of other LGBT-led action thrillers that I want to put out. They’re all in synopsis/draft purgatory right now, but I swear I’ll get to them. :sweat_smile:


Yes, another BTS addicted! Glad I’m not the only army here :smile:


Ha, yay! Yeah, I’m terrible. It’s to the point where I could be watching a serious cop show about a scary murder case, all in my feelings, but as soon as someone says “We need a DNA sample–”
Me :smile_cat: (sings in deep voice): D.N.A.! (dances to chorus in my seat)


Omg :grin: that made my freaking day right there :clap: I could see myself doing the exact same tho


I’m alright, just got home from a long work day. I am about to write a bit


Hello, nice to meet you too! What’s BTS? I have seen threads about it here but have no idea what it is XD


BTS is a Korean boy band of singers and rappers. Their music has a different style album to album these days but they operate primarily in the pop/hip-hop arena - some of it just fun and hype and a lot of it very emotionally-charged, especially the ballads. If you’re interested in that kind of music and don’t mind it in a foreign language, I say check them out. They could be your cup of tea.

My favorite era is WINGS/You Never Walk Alone, so I’d recommend that album over the others to start with, but my first listen was The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt. 2.

Just jump in anywhere really, see what you like if you like. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only thing I’d add is that if you’re a visual person, some of their music videos are just stunning.


I am 30. Hiya


Ah, that’d explain why I’d never heard of them. Can’t stand pop and hip-hop. Metalhead over here lol


Not sure if I’ve commented in here before, but I’m 26 and write High Fantasy. So I guess I’m in the lower end of the age group you’re looking for. :slight_smile:


Lol that’s okay, so am I XD

How’s it going?


Okay. Almost finished with writing chapter twenty. Hoping to get ahead since I promised my readers a bonus chapter for my current story on Wednesday. I usually update on the weekends. It just crossed the 27K word mark count.

How are you?


I’m alright, just posted a chapter of something. Entirely forgot to run it by my beta reader first though lol. Ah well.


It doesn’t surprise me much, given that kids will mirror their parents beliefs until they actually investigate themselves, and start researching what it is they themselves care about. I remember identifying as a republican even though I had no idea what that shit even meant.