Any writers over 25?




Hello, how’re you?


Hey buds. I hope you’re doing well.


LOL now the ENTIRE SONG is playing in my head thanks.


Hello, I am doing alright. On lunch break for 5 more minutes


Hi all! I crossed the 30-mark a year ago :see_no_evil:
I only started writing a few weeks ago and finally uploaded a few chapters of my story. It can be a bit daunting, though when I look at the many great stories out there!


Welcome and congrats on taking the plunge. What do you write? What’s your WiP about?


Thanks @IntoTheTempest for the welcome :smile:

Currently, I’m writing a Harry Potter fanfic because I think it is easier to start a story in a world that’s already developed and that already has some welll-defined characters. And I’m learning a lot in the process!

My current WiP is about an orphaned teenage girl who finds out by accident that she’s a witch. By reading an old diary from her mum she discovers she has an aunt who might still be alive. Her aunt introduces her to Professor Dumbledore who let’s enroll at Hogwarts in her third year (coincidentally, the same year as Harry Potter and his friends). During the year she finds out more about her past.


I know almost nothing about harry potter but that sounds neat :3


You don’t need any background knowledge on HP for this story, as the main character is also new to this world so it’s all explained on the go (though a bit concise ofc) :smile:

Feel free to check it out if you’re curious :wink:


Sleepy, tired, more confuzzled than usual. You?


It’s a high anxiety day for me since my job today is calling people on the phone DX


Very, very late to the party, but where have you guys been?! I’ve been on and off Wattpad for a few years and didn’t know people over 19 existed on here. I’m Justine from Canada. :3 I like my fantasy dark and my coffee filled with lethal amounts of milk and sugar.


Oh we’re here! We just seem to be very very well hidden haha how are you doing?


Yes! Another dark fantasy writer! Hello! :wave:




It’s okay, I survived. Now I am home though so it’s all good


Nice. I’m chilling at McDonald’s after getting out of work early


Hihi, welcome to the 20-30 somethings thread xD


I haven’t popped in here in a couple days, whats up guys? I’m ignoring a chapter I should be writing lol.