Any writers over 25?




Thinking about what to write today. Was kind of out of it the past few days. How are you?


Seriously ready for the weekend. Payday - dinner with a friend - and getting some writing done <3

Bout to fall asleep at work, it’s slow today.


Niiiice. :3


I just got off work. Zzzz


Better, now that I feel less grandmotherly. :slight_smile:


Dark fantasy writers have to stick together so that none of the light gets in; it’s science. (And hello!)


You’re telling me! Hahahaha I used to think I was the oldest person here and it was a little weird haha so glad I found this thread!


This thread is a lighthouse LOL. I don’t think 30 is ancient, but when I realise that some people were born in 2000, my bones start to creak.


I can literally hear mine cracking now. It’s also great to find books by more grown up people too as it’s more like what I’d actually read or write. It got pretty old only finding weird high school drama stories


Yes! What are you working on? :3


Same. No hate on high school drama fiction; there’s something for everyone, and everything’s not for me.


Chilling is a good thing. Not related at all, but I read some more of your poems. They’re good!


I’m actually set to release a dark fantasy novella later this year (self-published, it was such an awkward length for traditional markets), and I’m serializing the super crappy, quickly-written, 600 page draft of a full-length novel on Wattpad, mostly to give myself the semblance of a “real” writing schedule. What are you up to? :slight_smile:


Oh for sure! Hell, when it’s good it’s really good. It’s just cool to discover that there are others out there. When I first joined wattpad, the first few weeks I thought I was too old for people to read my books lol


I know right? XD


Aww, ty! :smiley: Just got home. Was out of it yesterday, the day before, and Sunday, so might do some writing today. Hopefully. D:


Oh my god high school drama stories, I just can’t DX


I think Wattpad not only skews younger, but there are certain genres on here that are easier to market than others. What do you write?


Like I said, when they’re good, they’re really good. There are just lots of very similar ones out there, particularly on Wattpad. But no hate, even I have a story which has a little bit of that!