Any writers over 25?


I hope so! I am trying to get some done now actually. Working on a chapter of Rise From Ashes


I’m sure that there are good high school drama stories. I just can’t deal with it. Not my thing.


Yeah definitely!

I tend to mostly write romantic comedies, though I do have one story which is a supernatural mystery one. What about you?


Yeah I mostly can’t either. We all have our thing! Or more accurately, things we don’t like


Very cool. I meet a lot of romance writers, but they’re mostly of the serious sort. I’m all speculative fiction, all the time (I’d say it’s mostly fantasy with a steampunk streak, or science fantasy if you want to stretch it).


Yeah I feel like a lot of books are almost too serious, so I try write easy read/light hearted stuff. Plus I seriously don’t feel comfortable writing the graphic sex that some people to. My books don’t need that, everyone knows when they’re getting down!

That sounds so cool! I’d love to be able to write fantasy stories but honestly my imagine sucks when it comes to creating that kind of thing.


I talk about all of my writings as if they’re lighthearted buddy-cop movies. Then people go and read them, and the jaws of death snap shut. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your imagination doesn’t suck. Your imagination is just interested in different things.


Good luck with the novella, I know it’s a tough market to crack. I’m working on a dark fantasy novel that combines necromancy and music. I also wrote 1,000 word flash fiction for a contest. I’m just waiting for a cover so I can post it.


That’s the best when that happens! Haha drawing people in with all sunshine and rainbows and jamming the hard stuff on them without warning :joy:


Thanks, and yes, it is. Like, the length is just right for the story, itself, but I know for a fact a regular publishing house would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

Necromancy and music? I want some of that.


I’m trying to be gracious here, but honestly, same. XD


This is quite true. Which reminds me, someone who posted in my read for read thread, their story is tagged both ‘stokholm syndrome’ and ‘bdsm’. I am dreading it. Maybe if the person doesn’t reply to me I won’t have to read it XD


crashes into the conversation Did somebody say steampunk? I freaking love steampunk!


Yeah, most of the novellas I’ve read were like… extra content from a larger work, and the author themself published it on amazon or their author website or w/e. I think there’s a market for them out there, somewhere. It just hasn’t been cracked yet.

It’s on my profile: Necromancy In D Minor


Steampunk… esque?


Damn. That sounds like you’ll need a drink.for that one :joy::joy:


Ohhh nooooooooo…


That sounds like a big can of Yikes.


Works for me, haha. I pretty much love everything about steampunk from stories to aesthetic to fashion. I write in a magic steampunk world


Most likely yes. Maybe two even. Or something particularly stiff