Any writers over 25?




Yes, yes it does. I really don’t want to be put in a position where I have to tell the author they’re glorifying abuse or something


@Xenoclea has a Steampunk story I’ve been following. It’s pretty good.


Maybe you could just say you’re not comfortable reading that kind of stuff?


Perhaps so. I probably should’ve checked the tags before telling the person I’d do it. Cause really, I am super uncomfortable with both bdsm and stokholm syndrome. Both at once though? That’s a recipe for nope


I seriously wonder where people get their ideas from sometimes


So do I in the ‘morbid curiosity’ way. Honestly, I am more afraid for the author’s sake. Like, I hope they don’t actually think that’s romantic (seeing as it was also tagged ‘abusive relationship’ and called a romance)


Why would anyone want to read about that. I could maybe read one if it was a good story but it’s certainly not a genre I’d seek out


I don’t even know. I can see where someone would write it though in order to point out how horrible it truly is. LittleMinx in the mature romance thread does exactly that, and to my understanding does it quite well (haven’t actually read it)


Yeah I guess. Just sounds like a crazy thing to look.for in a book to read


I suppose that’s true. Though, there’s a lot of crazy things to look for in books to read I guess


Very true


Ahhh thank you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it :blush:


Greetings y’all


woohoo, almost weekend! and the weather is perfect for writing :nerd_face:




It’s also perfect weather for splurging on a burrito bowl. And by that I mean I got cold waiting for the bus so I went into the burrito place near the bus stop lol


First beer of the weekend and now I’m designing the cover for my new book


I’m on my first glass of wine for the weekend, cheers


Cheers! Are you excited for the weekend?