Any writers over 25?


Hey it’s still great! Your readers will be happy!


Damn that does sound confusing! Hahaha but I’m confident you’ll get there!


Yeah, well, I got myself into this mess so either I give up or I make my way out of it lol


Always work to making your way out of it! Because then you are even happier once it’s done!


True. Tho it might take a while to get there :sweat_smile:


Indeed! Actually, I do have a reader or two on that particular story now. It’s exciting. Also, I am really excited to post the next chapter since it’s kinda messed up lol


Yes! 28 years over here, trying to put all this life experience into my stories lol


At least you’ll be kept busy lol


Messed up chapters are so fun haha


Hey there, fellow 28. How’re you doing?


Preach it! I’m 28 too


Very well thanks :slight_smile: I’m still trying to get to grips with Wattpad, but I’m enjoying it so far. Are you a long-time member?


Nope. I’ve been lurking around since last fall… But I started posting here at forums only when I started publishing a story back in December. I still feel kinda newbie since some folks have been here years


In this chapter the MC has a horrible nightmare where she makes out with a man who she’s currently terrified of. And after he’s done kissing her neck, he rips out her throat with his teeth.


Well that sounds grim. I love it!:joy:


Ah okay, cool and congrats on publishing your story! I just published my first short story last month and I feel like a complete newbie too, a bit overwhelming at times!


I know! But I’ve made amazing friends here already, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine!


Hahaha, thanks! The next day when she wakes up, she actually finds him in the guildhall and tells him about her dream. He’s actually really hurt by it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Haha, I could certainly use some writer friends - it’s easy to feel isolated when you spend most of your time hiding behind a computer screen!


Hello there and welcome to the thread!