Any writers over 25?


I’ve been there when someone has a bad dream about you. It’s super weird haha


Writer friends are the best. I have none in real life so this place is like my second home


I feel you - I have no writer friends IRL, so basically this is the only place I can freely rant away about my most time consuming hobby lol


Hi :slight_smile: thank you!


It is pretty weird. Here though he takes it as ‘oh, you don’t actually want to talk to me. I’ll…leave you alone now…’


Yeah, I don’t have any in real life either. I have a few on Twitter but always looking for more!


Haha, yeah I have no one to rant to either. Probably the worst thing about writing lol


hello beautiful folks.


And I take it that’s bad?


Hello! How’s your Friday going?


I have a couple on Twitter from here but I think a lot of them just followed me for the sake of it. I have a few proper ones on Instagram though


Hello there!


it’s my monday, yo.


Oh okay


He thought that she wanted to be his friend. Or something like that. He doesn’t have any friends. Kinda hard to when most people think he eats souls for sustenance


you’re welcome! What do you write about?


yeah, my sentiments exactly xD


I can see why :joy::joy::joy:


At the moment just busy getting my hands on the third glass of wine hahaha


Haha yeah. I love writing him, he’s amazing lol. Actually, he’s one of my boyfriend’s characters. I’ve just gotten really good at writing him XD