Any writers over 25?


You are my kind of person :joy: I’m just finished my second beer. Very tempted to just start writing now!


That’s so cool!


Then go write! I should really head to bed soon because of some serious sleep deprivation from previous nights… But I accidentally bought the good kind of wine apparently :sweat_smile:


I’ve heard drinking and writing go really well together

I’m more of a caffeine and writing guy


Well caffeine def works too!


Yessss, my bf makes a lot of characters too. Most of my works are based on Dungeons and Dragons games we’re playing together. So I have to get good at writing all his characters too


On the bright side, that might just knock you right out when you do go to sleep? Haha


That’s pretty impressive that you can do That!


sometimes a little bit of the mary jane is nice too, but it can be hard to concentrate :stuck_out_tongue:


Also true :smile:


Woohoo I finished my cover! It’s simple but kinda stands out. I really like it


Wow way to go! Now you kinda have to show it :smile:


Thanks! It isn’t always the easiest thing to do but I manage


Hmm should I or should it be kept a closely guarded secret :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hahahah well, up to you I guess.



since you asked nicely haha


It’s cool! Simple, and I love the colors :relaxed: Good job


Thanks! I like it bright so it stands out. But not so much that it’s too nuts haha


@StuartCampbell5 You’re welcome!

Well, I’m off to bed… Before I manage to get myself a hangover :sweat_smile: Good night… Or whatever it is where ya’ll writing from


Yeah me too! It’s almost midnight so I say bed is a good plan! Night!