Any writers over 25?


Fiction, usually fantasy/romance but I’m not particularly set on any one genre. How about you?


I’m a little late to the party, but I’m over 25 too. I was starting to wonder if Wattpad was a teens only site.


Actually far from it. Here’s some stats from Nick on the other thread. Where are my 20+ year old peeps in wattpad?!! - I feel SO old! LETS BE FRIENDS!

Personally, I was surprised that we 25+ make over 20% of the site. And that 18-24 is the biggest age group :smiley:


Oh, wow! I seriously did not expect that! Makes me feel way better. Haha


Yeah, honestly same :grin: Maybe we are all just lurking at some dark corner, overwhelmed by the loud teenagers :sweat_smile:


The snow has hit us and now I’m cold :see_no_evil:


Ugh, I’m honestly tired of the snow. We have like a meter here and it just keeps coming :grimacing: The whole last weekend was horrible and I had to drive in the freaking snowstorm for 6+ hours straight. Then we had a few sunny days but alas, when I have a free weekend it’s snowing again. Being cold doesn’t even cover it at this point :sweat_smile:


Ok you definitely have it worse than me haha I went to the football today and it was probably the worst decision I’ve made all year :joy::joy:


Wine helps :wink:
(On a side note, no, I’m not turning into an alcoholic… Really)


Are you not turning into one because you’re already there?:joy:

Sadly I have no wine but plenty of beer. I had a hot chocolate as soon as I got home pahahaha


Hot chocolate works too! It tastes way better tho when you add a shot of Xanté or peppermint -vodka… Okay my excuses of not being an alcoholic are turning very thin now. But you can take my word for it! :smile:


Yeah I think I’ll take your word on that one :joy: hot chocolate is one of those things that should remain untouched. Definitely tucking into the beer later though


I also write fantasy romance! Favorite thing to write


Hi, I’m kind of back. :smiley:


29 (Maybe forever lol), newish to wattpad as a writer, but I’ve lurked around and read. I’m mostly a fanfiction writer, but I have some originals that are close to self publishing finish.


Nice, hallo! What’s up?


I’m celebrating a plagiarist removing one of my works from here, and exploring the platform a bit. I thought actually stepping into a chat and interacting was a good step lol


What are you up to?


Trying to write a poem. My energy level is super low right now, partially due to a long day, partially due to lack of sleep. I’m taking poetry requests by the way, if anyone’s interested. :o


Hello there, how’re you?