Any writers over 25?


good to hear you like it! I’ve been on wattpad for like 5 years and it’s saying I’m new and limits me posting: how long does that take to go away?


not all too long, I think I needed about 30 minutes or so? did you do the tutorials? They like this badge thing… I can’t compare it to the old system, but I got used to the way it is pretty fast here


Honestly, I can’t remember it doing that to me. Maybe that’s a new thing? I am not sure


oh… and it’s not connected to your wattpad account in general…


I did not do the tutorials, I am guessing that I need to go figure those out haha


you rebel! :smiley:


Ah! Guys I figured it out! This is why groups are so helpful!


You got declared worthy? :wink:


I sure did. Now I am still figuring out the whole coding and cover thing. Ugh, I am not very good at this hahaha!


Don’t worry too much… I can do HTML/CSS and still don’t care about the coding here haha it has its own mind.


Hello, anyone here?


Helloo! Yeah, I’m here… Well I’m also writing but I’m somewhat here. What’s up?


I am also here!


Not much, just sipping tea and hanging out on the forums. I put up a chapter a few hours ago so there’s that


Heyo! How’re you doing?


Cool! I’m supposed to put up a chapter tomorrow… Sometimes I just wish we’d have a scheduled posting option :grin: My tomorrow is looking quite packed right now.


I’m doing good! Having a really quiet night since I had such a busy day. How are you?


I never have a schedule for posting lol. I just post when I have something lmao


I’m alright, was just about to go fire up a video game and play it for a while


Hahah, I wouldn’t be able to pull that off lol. I have the whole first draft ready before publishing one word here… Well, the only exception was my open novella entry, but I still had like 6 chapters written before I started posting