Any writers over 25?


I’m alright, was just about to go fire up a video game and play it for a while


Hahah, I wouldn’t be able to pull that off lol. I have the whole first draft ready before publishing one word here… Well, the only exception was my open novella entry, but I still had like 6 chapters written before I started posting


You should! Its the weekend!


Ah nice. I just post as I write lol. Most of my works are based on Dungeons and Dragons so are ongoing. I don’t have a complete draft of anything






Hey Stu, how goes it?


It goes well! How about you?


Yup I am. Just being a squid and whacking people with a paintbrush


Just a normal Saturday then?


Yup, pretty much lol


Super late, but I’m doing fine. Posted a flash fiction last night that I’m entering into a contest :smile: Now I have to get some editing done for an update tomorrow.


I made chicken quinoa enchilada casserole =D


That sounds nice.


It’s pretty good. I made it so I could have lunches for the week. I found that making a casserole is cheaper than buying frozen meals


Ah true true. I suck at meal planning tbh :sweat_smile:


I’ve never done it before. I suppose I will find out if I am any good at it lol


Hallo :smiley:


Hello there, how’re you doing?


Doing okay ish right now. Was pretty depressed last night, partially cuz frustrated about writer’s block. Ended up writing something last night though, so that’s good. How are you?