Any writers over 25?


Mall trips are fun. Assuming you went for fun of course XD


:stuck_out_tongue: It was fun ish.


Well that’s good. Hope you got something you liked! Or something, lol


Lazy sundays are the best


How has everyone’s writing been?


My writing has sadly been non existent for a few months now. How is yours?


Was having writer’s block until last night, and now writer’s block again. :smiley:


It’s the worst haha


Mine’s been really slow. I can only write a few days a week. I tried to today and only managed to get like, four sentences written


Hi! I’m over 25. I feel a little like the old grandma on this site so I’m glad to see so many threads for the older community here!


I used to think there was no one the same age as me on this site but there’s loads of us! It’s great having so many friends on here who are similar age


26 years old here, happy to see I am not the oldest guy here. how r all you fellow oldies doing


I’m doing good! Just finished work at lunchtime so it’s all good! What about you?


doing ok, relaxing a bit


That’s good!


Anyone else having a little mental shouting match lately with their writing? I have two warring voices in my head shouting “all this is shit!” and “you can fix all this in editing” it’s a pain


Yes. All the time. :sweat_smile:


It’s driving me completely crazy. I just don’t feel as confident about this part of the story as I did on the earlier bits, and I’m not quite sure why. Very frustrating


Kinda. Except mine is a “Write!” “Dont write!” Fight lol


Same. Tho lately I’ve been struggling with endings a lot in addition to this… There’s this one story I’m writing and I could now cut straight to the main conflict, but then again the climax would be better if I drag it out just a bit… And I can’t decide :grimacing: