Any writers over 25?


Kinda. Except mine is a “Write!” “Dont write!” Fight lol


Same. Tho lately I’ve been struggling with endings a lot in addition to this… There’s this one story I’m writing and I could now cut straight to the main conflict, but then again the climax would be better if I drag it out just a bit… And I can’t decide :grimacing:


Endings are always tough! I struggled a lot with deciding what the best way to pull off an ending is


I know that feeling very well… sometimes it’s also the “get your ass up and write it down, it’s in your had for days!” and the “gal, aren’t we tired today again…” haha

ad editing: I should do that now, but took a break (aka voice #2 won again)


28 here… but being in wattpad I felt like a teenager again :slight_smile:


Thirty years of existence.


Turning 26 this year - I hope I’m not too late to join the party?


Nope, not too late to join! How’re you?


I’m good, thanks. How are you?

Did you guys re-discover writing, write since you were little or just discover it for yourselves recently?


I’ve doing alright. Just got off work

Been writing for about 10 years or so. I started in high school but didn’t start writing seriously till college


Did you guys re-discover writing, write since you were little or just discover it for yourselves recently?

I had my phase as a teenager. I always created stories though. It’s something that never stops in my head, but not all of it does get transformed in real written stories ^^ How about you?


23 over here. Turning 24 in a few months.


Same actually. I wrote a lot during my teenage years, then final exams happened and I cut back on it. By the time I was in Uni I only wrote coursework and now I realised that I am an awful playwright but an okay storyteller…


I’m good at adding drama *haha but I suck a lot at transitions :slight_smile: Working on it though… I always wonder if it would be better in my mother tongue but I’m a bit hesitant to try. What’s your usual genre to write in?


I am way over-caffienated.


How come you think that this could happen? :wink:


Various factors, mainly caffeine-related.


Lol - what an answer :wink: okay let me re-phrase. How are you doing? Everything okay? Why did you have too much caffeine?


I can’t focus unless I have at least a little caffeine, but I think I might have overdone.


The right amount of coffe is always n+1 :wink: What did you have? My usual caffeine intake is about 8 coffees at work but I don’t mix with sugar… sugar and caffeine makes me bouncy and I wouldn’t sleep at night at all *lol

Are you trying to write?