Any writers over 25?


I usually drink energy drinks.


I’m over 25


29 over here! :wave:


I adore romance. And angst :smiley: but I’ve also written a murder play and some weird meta-stuff. I aspire to do romance and fantasy eventually
Dito! I am currently writing fanfic in my native language and my next project (fiction) will be in English.


Lol, this place died XD


We are just a little older, give us some time to catch our breath! :stuck_out_tongue:


I started creating original sci-fi manga when I was in highschool and my first course in college. My highschool friend promised me to publish my work, but unfortunately, I decided not to continue my story. I found the manga too dark.

When I stopped college and started working, I was struggling to get back into my story creation. Although, art drawing was still there and I posted them online for possible profit. It didn’t work out but I wanted to make these fan-arts come alive.
So, I decided to revive in making stories from art, which I am really passionate about.

Some years later, I have collaborators aka writing buddies who helped me in continuing the Marvel Crossover fanfic series. Even I’m 30 and working as an accountant, I still have more stories to work on. I just need to manage my time.


Hiya @Medula-Oblongata. I think we’ve met before on another thread… but I’m super quiet and tend to fade into the background, so I won’t be offended if you don’t remember me. I’m 27 and would love to hang out here. I’m still trying to find a corner where I fit in lol.


It’s hard to have a full time job, balance a social life, and pursue your interests at the same time isn’t it! I feel like a adult life is being perpetually exhausted and always behind.


Well, while you’re still single, make most of your time to juggle and manage your schedule.


Believe me, I am trying lol


Do it likewise. :slight_smile:


Approaching 30 myself, haven’t gotten that cyborg right arm like I’ve always wanted. Trying to wait till they develop a model that has feelings of physical pain.

It’s actually not a got idea to have a limb without pain, because you could get injured without ever realizing. Certain political institutions abuse this self-protection system though, in order to attract information.

Same deal with healing abilities.

Digestion more debatable.


Hello there welcome to the thread! I too am still trying to find where I fit in. I have one thread bit that’s about it lol


That is a curious desire. Are you without a right arm? Or would you give your right arm up for one? Either way, I could agree that they need to develop one with censors first.


Thanks @Medula-Oblongata :slight_smile: So, how do you feel about your thread thus far?


It’s been a good thread so far. I’m glad I made it. I can never ever keep up with threads in the cafe so I’m also glad I made it here and not there


Good day people!


Hey Stu


How are you doing?