Any writers over 25?


Pretty good, and you?


Heyo! I am on lunch break now


Yes, the threads in the cafe move way to fast for me too.


Hi Stuart and Tempest :slight_smile:


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Hello, guys!

Glad to see a thread like this. Somewhat reassuring that I’m not a bloody relic on here.


Hey there and welcome!


Thank you. :smiley: Such a cool website. Glad I decided to check it out. Just out of curiosity, what does everyone typically write about? Is there a particular genre you’re all drawn to?


So I fell asleep and missed all the replies Haha anyone still here?


I usually write fantasy and fantasy romance. It’s my favorite thing to write about


Lol I am still here


I’m here! :smiley:


I’m totally and solely in the vampire genre (no sparkling… yeah I’m a creepy lady with a lot of blood and death *lol)!

I got told that as an adult one needs to be a little bit more serious, but quite frankly, I decided to just do what’s fun to me - and it turned out that I have a sense for drama and chaos. (Maybe that does make me a non-adult :wink: )

What about you?


Just your plain old romance


I like to write fantasy and adventure. There’s really such a broad array of possibilities available in those genres! I have sooooo many ideas it’s insane.


I feel like I’ve encountered the rare and unusual today. There was a twenty something year old that needed help turning the notifications on his phone on… it’s actually kind of nice to meet a peer that isn’t obsessed with a device lol.


Hi there! Thank you for starting this thread. Great to see I’m not alone!


I agree! Whenever I try to write realistic fiction, I get bored, and next thing I know, a soul-eating demon has popped into the story to shake things up…


Lol! I know right? It’s so much more fun when dragons and elves and super powered beings are involved.


Hello! :smiley: